What Is www.Freelancer. com All about – All you need to know

What Is www.Freelancer. com All about – All you need to know

What is www.freelancer. com all about?

The following paragraph is an overview of what is www.freelancer. com all about.

Freelancer is a crowd sourcing marketplace. Founded in 2009 by Matt Barrie in Sydney, Australia. It is now available in English, German; French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Filipino, Portuguese and Indonesian.

At freelancer. com, freelancers – the sellers of services – and employers – the buyers of services – come together in one place to post and take up work in a tender process.



How Freelancer. com works

  1. Freelancers and employers create profiles
  2. Employers offer work
  3. Frelancers compete for the work and win through bidding
  4. Members are allowed to host and enter contests for prize money
  5. Members can have a free account or professional subscribed account
  6. It charges a 10% fee


A Global Online Outsourcing Marketplace

Freelance has acquired the following crowd sourcing marketplaces

  • Escrow .com in USA
  • Fantero digital content marketplace in Ukraine
  • Get A Freelancer. com in Sweden
  • EUFreelance.com in Sweden
  • LimeExchange in USA
  • Freelancer. de Booking Center in Germany
  • Freelancer.co.uk in United Kingdom
  • Webmaster-talk.com in USA
  • vWorker in USA


As of March 2016, freelancer operated in 34 languages and 21 currencies. Most of it’s freelance members are from India, the United States, Philippines, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom.

What are the types of jobs found on freelancer?

  • IT and Software
  • Design
  • media
  • Architecture
  • Writing and Content Writing
  • Home and Local Services

Freelancer has offices in

How to Start Freelancing

  1. Find a niche
  2. Define your client
  3. Build a portfolio
  4. Set strategic prices to win bids although buyers don’t always go for lower prices
  5. Be clear on what you offer

Most Important!

Build your credibility and your visibility online by creating a great website.

To learn how to do this properly use Wealthy affiliate training. In using wealthy affiliate you learn to build a solid business as a freelancer but there is another reason why you should have a look at Wealthy Affiliate, it allows you to have control of how much you want to earn. When you look around the internet you will find complaints about people who have done jobs at Freelancer. com and never got paid. Besides, it’s not easy to earn good income from just registering on Freelancer. It is wiser to create another steam of income through your writing – a more assured way, much better than what is www.freelancer. com all about.

What does wealthy affiliate teach?

Wealthy Affiliate Covers Everything.

  • From building a website for free
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  • and the process of making money online through your website

freelancer at wealthy affiliate

What Wealthy Affiliate will do for you – 10 FREE Lessons!

  • Little steps to learn, making it easy to understand everything
  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choosing your market
  • Building a website for that market
  • Setting the website up
  • Getting that website ready to be found by visitors on internet
  • Learning how to market to your market through writing content
  • Creating menus on your website
  • Learning to find words that people use to search for what they want
  • This will show you what happens when building a business on the internet the true way instead of the way you might fall for scams online. The starter membership is free, with no credit card details required.

Wealthy Affiliate. com

wealthy affiliate is 100% legitimate.

  • The Starter Membership Is Free with no credit card details required and you can stay a FREE member for life. Then there is Premium membership for $49 a month.
  • As a FREE member you will have FREE access to the Premium membership area during your first 7 days.
  • FREE member or Premium member, you will get to see how money is made online and this will help you to know how to avoid scams.
  • Over 1800 expert coaches for you – you will never lack for help
  • You will have 193 countries to do business with
  • Wealthy Affiliate has been helping business people for over 12 years, started in 2005
  • Over one million members
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  • You have unlimited resources to make money online

The 4 Easy Steps To Start Online Freelancing


Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

  • College Students
  • University Students
  • Retired Individuals
  • Middle Class Populous
  • Retired Veterans / Disabled Veterans
  • Disabled Individuals (who can work from their computer)
  • New Career seekers
  • Career Development/Advancement seekers
  • Laid Off Employees
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • People with massive hospital/health bills
  • Low Salary Employees
  • High Salary Employees that Want More
  • Minimum Wage Workers / McJobs
  • Passive Income Seekers
  • Residual Income Seekers
  • Baby Boomers About to Retire
  • People Who Vacation Lots (like the freedom)
  • People with a mortgage
  • People that are forced to foreclose their homes
  • Debt Consolidation
  • People with Undesirable Jobs
  • Office Workers
  • People looking to win the lottery
  • Computer Jobs and remote jobs
  • People interested in computer programming
  • Residents at business and Internet marketing schools
  • People looking to get a marketing, finance, or business education
  • Someone who want to quit their job
  • Franchising/Franchisees
  • Ebay Sellers
  • Summer Job Seekers
  • Part-Time Employment
  • People seeking any type of employment!
  • Employment Search Engines (JobSearch, Monster, Careers.com)
  • People seeking post secondary education
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Online Surveys Takers
  • Related Forums and discussion rooms
  • TV Shows
  • Famous Rich People

It is for anyone who wants to start a business online.

It’s Easy – Create Your FREE Account at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Click on the red button below
  • Fill in details to create your FREE Account
  • Once inside wealthy affiliate write a short introduction of yourself on your profile and add a profile pic – this is important because…
  • Wealthy affiliate is about real people and real businesses. When you introduce yourself on your profile, community members can see you are a real person and you will get more assistance. When you don’t fill in your profile you will be like the scammers or scam sites, just another hide-and-seek kind of person and NOT MANY will pay much attention to you or assist you.
  • If you are uncomfortable about adding your real picture you can add one of the ones provided, can be your favorite thing, bird, animal, car, flower or the sea AND THEN add a few words about yourself on your profile.
  • You will get used to the platform and see how genuine it is and will be comfortable adding your real image at some point.
  • Tell people a bit about yourself on your profile, so that members have an idea of how to be of assistance to you.
  • Finally, roughly 30 minutes after becoming a member you will get a message on your profile with guidance on where to start – begin your exciting new journey and I wish you success!

freelancer at wealthy affiliate


In conclusion, what is www.freelancer. com all about? It is a Global market;ace for freelancers and employers. It is huge and comes with all inefficiencies associated with huge corporations. I feel it is better to take control; of your own income and build your own content writing business through wealthy affiliate training.

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