What Is Thirty One Gifts about – What Your Recruiter Will NEVER Tell You

What Is Thirty One Gifts about – What Your Recruiter Will NEVER Tell You

What Is Thirty One Gifts About? 

  • Is it a scam or legit?
  • In this article, you will find what your upline will NEVER tell you.
  • If not your upline, then what the person trying to recruit you will NEVER tell you

Someone has been talking to you about thirty one gifts and you want to know if it’s a scam or not, what is thirty one gifts about?


What is Thirty One Gifts About?

Thirty One Gifts is a privately owned, party plan, multi-level marketing company founded by Cindy Monroe in 2003. It’s headquarters are in Columbus, OH (US). A direct selling brand for handbags, totes and purses and other accessories like jewelry, wood decor, canvas pillows and wall art.



Name : Thirty-One Gifts

Website: www.mythirtyone .com/us/en

Founder: Cindy Monroe

Founded: 2003

Legit Or Not: Legit


What Are Thirty One Gifts Products About?

Thirty One Gifts, Thirty One bags, offers a wide variety of exclusive and practical totes, handbags, shoulder bags, travel bags, beach totes, travel totes, shopping totes, work totes, large utility totes and purses but I will go slightly further than that. Thirty One Gifts has one other amazing product, whether by default or design – and that is, a community of truly happy women!

Our make up as humans makes it hard for us to come together in harmony always as is illustrated by this free eBook but Thirty One Gifts has managed to have this community of graceful, super friendly and happy women! A wonderful thing to witness. I must admit, it is extremely rare to bring a huge group together and still have raving reviews after over 15 years in business!

I have only ever come across one other community on the internet with the same kind of brilliant vibe! Anyone who goes in there to put negativity, the community members are there to put it straight. And this is not because they have been groomed or brainwashed to do so but it is a natural thing that happens when people have something truly giving them happiness.

Thirty One’s purpose to empower women has truly struck a code with those involved.

For once I have a direct selling company that I can review with joy!

I am not affiliated with Thirty One Gifts, this is a review like many I have done on MLMs.

Are you involved with Thirty One Gifts business opportunity or is someone trying to recruit you?


What A Breath Of Fresh Air!Thirty-one-gifts-is-a-breath-of-fresh-air

I was going through research of an MLM when I came across Thirty One bags review. Out of curiosity I went to have a look. I couldn’t believe I came across an MLM with such good vibes.

Thirty One Gifts truly embodies the spirit of having it’s consultants at heart! It is just so exciting to write this review!






The following section will show the standard way  MLM Companies are viewed and how Thirty One Gifts is different.

Standard :- The MLM Business Opportunity Is A Scam

Other Names for MLM Marketing…

  • Pyramid Selling
  • Network Marketing
  • Referral Marketing

* Although Thirty One Gifts is a multi-level marketing company, it conducts it’s business slightly different and the differences will be highlighted as you read along.


The Process Of Becoming A Consultant/Independent Distributor At Thirty One Gifts

  •  Buy a starter kit for $99 – for all your business tools to get started
  • You have to sell products worth $200 every 3 months to remain active
  • 25% commission on all your sales
  • Earn a percentage from sales from people you recruit


*Being expected to make $200 every three months makes the goal seem easier to achieve and this creates affinity for the business. It’s not like the other MLMs where you have to achieve certain points every month to earn a commission. Judging by the number of active consultants, this goal must be easier to attain. The Thirty One Gifts products are easy to sell.


What Is The MLM Business opportunity?

In a nutshell you…

  • Use and sell products
  • Sponsor people into the program
  • Attend local business presentations and training
  • Promote events to your downlines
  • Work with your upline/sponsor


Recruit People, Teach Them To Do What You Do And You Get Paid.

  • Distributors earn through retail profits,
  • personal volume,
  • leadership bonuses,
  • car bonus etc.
  • A distributor must be active each month to qualify for commissions. Being active is about purchasing products and recruiting downlines.
  • Each product carries credits and so you have to make a certain number credits each month.
  • Some MLM companies don’t use terms like sponsor and dowlines as such. At Thirty One Gifts you are a consultant
  • Making sales and recruiting people through good salesmanship is all part of the business.
  • Good salesmanship in MLM usually means pushy but

* Thirty One Gifts has such a good product, most women find totes really useful and helpful in organizing space and shopping, there is little to no need to be pushy. There isn’t pressure to qualify every month – a huge relief for most.


The part that I don’t like about MLMs

When I worked with one MLM I learned that to pump you before you go out there and be pushy in your social circle, MLMs will give you titles like

  • IBO – Independent Business owner or
  • Consultant
  • Supervisor
  • Assistant supervisor
  • Manager
  • They imply you can work hard, take control of your life, fire your boss and live large but how real is this?
  • You get caught up in the promises and get blinded to what’s really going on.
  • The entrepreneurial freedom promise is unattainable because of the structure of the business
  • Your business in an MLM is dependent on the few people you know and meet and that is not enough to build a business, ever!
  • You will eventually realize you are working tirelessly for nothing
  • Some MLM companies will say they are really not an MLM and dress their opportunity with fancy descriptions but as long as your earnings largely depend on recruiting other people, selling the company products and their business opportunity and has a pyramid structure, then you are involved with multi-level marketing
  • Check with what is listed below and conclude for yourself if what you are dealing with is an MLM and wasting your time and effort.
  • If you want to stay in it because you like the products then that is fine, but know that business wise there are no large sums of money to look forward to for 98% of the distributors.

* From looking at the Thirty One Gifts, more distributors actually earn some money! This is refreshing. Around 48% are in the range of earning between $100 – $999. Most MLM companies are nowhere near this figure! I wouldn’t leave Thirty One Gifts as a consultant but rather add to my income by creating more than one income stream.


Here is what Truly Goes On With The Usual MLM

  • Distributors are encouraged to make a list of people and start talking to them about the opportunity.
  • You make phone calls, plan meet ups and arrange 3 way calls with sponsors.
  • Take prospects to presentations
  • No one likes a salesman be it for a product or opportunity and so you become annoying.
  • Your friends start to avoid you.
  • You become a nuisance at parties!
  • You kind of become a parasite preying on everyone you meet including friends’ friends.
  • Some distributors really get pushy!


  • Word of mouth is a limited way to do business because eventually your business is only about the people you know and those you meet, looking at this picture, where do you grow a huge business from?
  • Some MLM companies will not allow you to create a website to advertise their products, while others give you a page from their main website but this does not work because you need to know how to use that page to reach people.
  • But the MLM company knows word of mouth is more effective as distributors are trained to be pushy and they actually don’t care about the distributor at all. It’s all about pushing them to sell for them for very little or nothing and this creates HUGE profits for the company and not the distributor. Don’t get caught up in their promises because they are not real.
  • In the end distributors earn a bit of money from products recommended to other distributors in their team – it’s difficult to sell outside the network and that makes your business extremely limited.
  • Guaranteed – at some point you will run out of people to recruit – end of story!
  • Distributors feel trapped after investing some money – we all want to be right, right? So they stick to it longer than they should.
  • If you are invested in an MLM hoping to make a living, cut your loses as soon as you realize you are not going anywhere with the opportunity, unless you want to do it as a hobby.
  • MLM distributorship leaves a sour taste both socially and financially

* Thirty One Gifts is different in my opinion. For starters women like getting together and chit chatting. They have so much fun meeting for those bag parties! A really good way to spend time uplifting each other and the Thirty One Gifts convention is the cherry on the cake.


Every Woman Wants A Bag, Tote Or Purse.

These are easy products to sell outside the network or just through consultants. So I think Thirty One is slightly different.

Thirty one also allows the consultants an option to get a website to sell their bags and this is brilliant.

Every woman knows that talking to another woman about bags is the easiest and most fun thing to do.

I just think Thirty One Gifts has a brilliant idea!


Only A Few Successful Distributors Are Paraded With The Regular MLM

  • You will have examples of one or two distributors from each country with large cheques from the business opportunity and these people have tens of thousands of distributors earning very little to nothing. That means the minions are just like the donkeys carrying the heavy load for nothing!
  • This is not isolated to one MLM company but it is across the MLM industry.
  • Year after year you see the same one or two high earners paraded, what’s happening to the rest of the distributors? They are working hard for nothing! Very few earn even a measly $10!

* Once again Thirty One has shown their income disclosure and for me that is transparency. I will add the income disclosure image below. Many consultants do earn some money. At least more than 50% earn some money.

Don’t focus on one source of income. Real success, for the man or woman in the street comes with creating more than one income stream. Look at other opportunities or combine them. Being a distributor affiliate marketing will be a good combination. create-more-income-streams


MLM Success

  • Your success in an MLM is directly dependent on how many distributors you recruit, then buying and selling products each month, this does not create residual income, it rarely does.
  • This is the reason why your upline or sponsor is on your back all the time. An annoying sequence! Isn’t this what you are trying to get away from a job when creating your own business! Even the boss at your regular 9 – 5 job is not as pushy as an upline!

* Because of the easiness to selling Thirty One Gifts bags, consultants have some semblance of residual income.


As An MLM distributor…

  • you spend time looking to recruit others,
  • you have a high phone bill,
  • you spend time taking people to venues to hear the opportunity!
  • you spend money to buy the expensive products!
  • I have walked that road. Most distributors walk away worse off financially.
  • You get brainwashed into telling a success story that is non-existent in your life or the rest of the distributors around you.
  • You are running on, ‘hoping to be like one successful upline in a whole region’.
  • All is not lost though. The training I got with MLMs has helped me to become a better business person till today.

* I think Thirty One Bags are reasonably priced, targets are met and there is genuine display of achievements, whatever the size of those achievements are, they are a true reflection.


Do Your Research And Get Some Information Before You Sign Up To Any Multi-Level Marketing Company. Information such as

  • Ask your sponsor for the terms and conditions of the plan, including:
  • the compensation structure
  • your potential expenses and see if you can afford it before you fork out money on products and events.
  • support for claims about how much money you can make, talk to a lot of distributors and gather your own true picture.
  • the name and contact information of someone at the company who can answer your questions
  • Find out about refunds


The following guidelines from FTC help you to get the full picture – ask your recruiter questions like…

  • How many people have you recruited?
  • How long have you been in the business?
  • How much time did you spend last year on the business?
  • How much money did you make last year — that is, your income and bonuses, less your expenses?
  • What were your expenses last year, including money you spent on training and buying products?
  • What percentage of your sales were made to distributors?
  • How much product did you sell to distributors?
  • What are your annual sales of the product?
  • What percentage of the money you’ve made — income and bonuses less your expenses — came from recruiting other distributors and selling them inventory or other items to get started?


* Here is the income disclosure from Thirty One Gifts where you will have a rough idea of how many hours you work to earn how much on average. I feel that Thirty One Gifts is transparent in the way the do their business.



Who Is Thirty One Gifts For?

I would say the business opportunity is

  • Mostly for women who want to be empowered
  • Women who enjoy the party plan type of marketing
  • Anyone who enjoys to organize their space



Name : Thirty-One Gifts

Website: www.mythirtyone .com/us/en

Founder: Cindy Monroe

Founded: 2003

Legit Or Not: Legit

Now that you know what is Thirty One Gifts about, I hope you can make a clearer choice of what you want to do next.

In any organisation, there are bound to be a few or a lot of disgruntled souls, Thirty One Gifts has very few disgruntled souls. As for me personally, the product of harmonized and happy women is the one that impressed me the most. It’s one step towards a friendly world, something rare to see with most organisations.

The best thing ever is that a happy woman is a happy wife and mother and this has a ripple effect on the world believe it or  not and for that, I honor your attitude Thirty One Gifts and all your consultants.

CLICK HERE to read a free eBook that is as amazing and will empower you more to keep the wonderful attitude you have found with Thirty One Gifts!

I hope this has fully answered your question, What Is Thirty One Gifts About?

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