What is the JVZoo Affiliate Program at https Customer JVZoo com – Save Yourself From Stressing

What is the JVZoo Affiliate Program at https Customer JVZoo com – Save Yourself From Stressing

What is the JVZoo Affiliate Program at https customer JVZoo com?

To put it another way, what is the JVZoo affiliate program in relation to its customers? What is JVZoo .com and who is the JVZoo customer? What is the JVZoo Affiliate program at https customer JVZoo com?

The real reason of writing this post is to look at two things. The first is that some people, affiliates and buyers alike, ask why JVZoo does not care who or what products are brought to their platform especially seeing that some product creators bring crappy products to the JVZoo marketplace.

Others also complain that they did not get customer support from JVZoo after purchasing a product on JVZoo.


What is www JVZoo com?

JVZoo is a vast online marketplace founded in 2011 for digital products and services. It connects product creators with affiliates and buyers from all over the world. It also has a JVZoo network community on Facebook, for product creators and marketers. JVZoo facilitates and automates sales and marketing processes, as Saas (software as a service) saving a great deal of time and effort so that all business people can concentrate on growing their business.


Who is the customer at https customer JVZoo com?

All JVZoo customers include

  • Sellers
  • Buyers
  • Affiliates and JV partners

JVZoo Com Overview

Name : JVZoo

Website : https://www.jvzoo.com

Founded : 2011

Price : It’s free to join

Scam or Legit : Legit


What Is An Affiliate?


What is an affiliate? The answer to this makes a picture clear, as JVZoo really revolves around affiliates. As far as I can see, there are two parts to the JVZoo affiliate program. The first part is what most people don’t see and therefore have trouble to understand why JVZoo does not do something about crappy products and poor customer service for the products purchased.

An affiliate is an organization, company or person who officially connects or attaches and promotes someone else’s products and earns a commission from each sale of a product. The commission is calculated as a percentage of the sale. An affiliate does not handle the product and neither are they responsible for quality or the integrity of the vendor.

I found this definition interesting as I saw the connection between this definition in relation to what JVZoo really is.


JVZoo Is An Affiliate In Itself!

I see JVZoo itself as the head affiliate at JVZoo marketplace. In its Saas(software as a service) profile, helping to bring vendors’ products to affiliates and paying itself 5% commission on each sale and not handling a product or customer service to that product we can all safely say or see that JVZoo model, less the software aspect, is similar to that of an affiliate. The software helps everyone to get paid including JVZoo. What they do fits into the affiliate definition.

  • They provide a space that promotes other people’s products to affiliates – that is their niche
  • They use software as a service – that is their unique selling proposition
  • They don’t handle any of the products – that’s for the product creator
  • They don’t handle any after sale customer support or try to control the quality of the products and neither do they handle refunds – just like any affiliate does.

This fits into an affiliate model of which the end focus, like any affiliate, is to help to sell as many products as possible to make good business and earn enough, and for JVZoo, from a 5% commission on each sale – well – call it a charge if you like.

Do you see how JVZoo fits into the mold of an affiliate, a bit outside-the-box presentation of it though. JVZoo brings together the vendors and affiliates and lets them handle the rest between them and then it facilitates the contract and cash collection process, even goes further in helping with tax. Where most affiliates in the industry don’t choose what percentage commission they get paid on a sale JVZoo decided on the commission they want from each sale – why?

Because they are the ones who have set up the environment to facilitate for the sellers, affiliates and buyers to meet and do business. The cutting edge facilitation with state-of-the-art software of course has to be in place – for the vendor, for the affiliates and most of all for JVZoo otherwise it will be hard to collect the 5% or to keep all those vendors and affiliates around.

Then of course there is the HUGE load of affiliates, eager to promote vendors’ products. This is the machine that drives the whole environment! Affiliates sign up and arrange to become affiliates directly with the vendors. You could say JVZoo is the first affiliate for all products sold on that market place.

Holding the position of an affiliate itself, JVZoo, has nothing to do with what the other affiliates do. It doesn’t work. An affiliate is an independent business person and that is why it does not charge affiliates for registering on the marketplace. It will though, facilitate tools to enable the transactions to flow smoothly.

So JVZoo marketplace is a cross between an affiliate and a facilitator but I would like to say that JVZoo is an affiliate to all vendors’ products, the facilitation to the whole process between vendors and the other affiliates is necessary for the collection of the money and keeps everyone happy to have all those steps done for them.

Every affiliate marketer has to be imaginative and creative in order to make the sales required to go full time online. They have to think of bonuses and stuff for people to buy from them. This is what JVZoo does with all the tools they offer to vendors and affiliates. At the end of the day JVZoo is an affiliate model of business and that is why it doesn’t vet the vendors as well as the affiliates or the rest of the support to do with what goes on between vendors and affiliates.

Is this a bad thing?

Not really. Judging with the vast numbers involved at JVZoo we can say it is an environment that is offering something of value to people. It’s filling a need otherwise there would be no one around.

On another note, if we say this is a bad thing then we also have to say being an affiliate is a bad thing, which is not true. The problem that brings the complaints is that people don’t see JVZoo as merely an affiliate business model and so they have expectations of JVZoo solving the product customer support service. JVZoo is an affiliate wrapped slightly outside the box but basically that is what it is.

The problem is, when a buyer or affiliate confuses the role of JVZoo as part of the vendor and wants it to solve problems to do with the sale and stuff. No affiliate handles problems about support on the sale. That’s for the vendor. JVZoo model being that of an affiliate and facilitator, will not bother with who is selling what and if their products are not crappy etc, etc just like any affiliate will not have to enforce standards on vendors.

If anyone wants to look closely at vendors and their products, so be it – every affiliate is entitled to choosing what products they want to affiliate with. No affiliate can monitor all products on the market and the same applies to JVZoo when you begin to see it for what it is – an affiliate with sophisticated software and uniquely set up platform.

Remember this when you become part of the JVZoo affiliates. You will be carried on another affiliate’s back (JVZOO), who collects a commission on a sale just like you and so does not get involved in what actually goes on with the sale between the vendor and the buyer. When you promote products don’t do it blindly. Research on who you get involved with as an affiliate because you stand to lose money and trust if you promote crappy products or think its JVZoo’s job to do the research for you – they don’t. If you are a buyer you refer your problem about the product to the product creator, it does not involve JVZoo at all.

Looking at this scenario, does it surprise you then that you find vendors with crappy products who just sell their product and don’t bother to deal with problems regarding their products. Kind of hit-and-run for scammers – they have no name to protect as they go under the JVZoo umbrella to launch or sell their product and have loads of affiliates promoting the product for them. On the other hand JVZoo cannot deal with that as it is only a facilitator on a 5% commission/charge for each product sold – being an affiliate).

So affiliate and buyer beware. With due diligent you will learn to look for the good products on JVZoo. Or you could look to another pathway to being an affiliate.

Let’s look at each JVZoo Customer in detail and the pros and cons of being one.

JVZoo customer – the seller

You get to choose who becomes your affiliate

There are loads of affiliates ready to promote your product or service

Contracts, sells and commission payments are facilitated for you by JVZoo

Product of the day promotions give you an opportunity to have killer sells if your product gets listed as the product of the day.

JVZoo lets vendors or product creators list their products for sale on the JVZoo platform for free – with a 5% flat JVZoo fee charge for every sale. The more product creators there are the better it is for sales – never mind scam or spam control. Exercise your own due diligence.

JVZoo has a great platform in terms of providing tools that automate the sales process for you and all you do is put your product out there making it easy for beginners or those that are not tech savvy.


Our thinking is, you are already online, selling a product, why not think of expanding that, in a situation that you are in control of. You have already worked hard to create your product or source your product, why relinquish the outcome for your sales when you can do it yourself on your own website? But then again, given the vast numbers of affiliates eager to promote products, JVZoo is a good platform for the product creator to launch a new product.

Even if you want to stick around JVZoo for a single product or two why not learn how to maximize that opportunity by learning how to create your own solid base to continue a relationship with your customers after your initial launch of your products?

Depending on someone to put things in place for you has its own disadvantages and is not the best practice. What if you wake up one morning and they are shut down, what then… about your product? Will you start looking for another platform to do it for you?

What if, on a whim the platform introduces unreasonable rules. Some product creators complain that JVZoo tells them what price to sell their product for – costing them sales.

This says as at https customer JVZoo com you can at times have no control over what you want and have to adhere or conform to what you don’t agree with.

You can create your own solid base, whose rules and prices you alone can determine!


JVZoo customer – the buyer

As a buyer of a product through JVZoo, you have to do your own due diligence. Before you buy a product do your research and check out vendors and see what support they offer so that if you should need to contact them you have an idea of what to expect. Once you buy a product, the rest is between you and the vendor and don’t expect JVZoo to be part of it – they help with refunds though.


If you are in the desert and you are extremely thirsty, do you insist that the desert gives you some water and die of thirst whilst waiting or do you leave and go and find some water whilst you still have the strength to walk away?

Unhappy JVZoo affiliates and buyers complain that the customer service they received was appalling’. Things like

  • Anyone can list their product on JVZoo and that means you will find crappy products too
  • JVZoo encourages products launch advertising of products and that means you are getting pitches of products whose performance has not been tested yet
  • There is lack of response from sellers who sell crappy products and neither can you get JVZoo support on this as you are dealing directly with the vendor. You will not get customer support from a JVZoo customer service number.
  • There is no monitoring of what goes on on that platform – its like a jumble sale – the good, the not so good and the crappy spammy ones are all there. How do you find your way around?



The JVZoo Affiliate marketer


What is the JVZoo Affiliate program?

JVZoo makes it easy for affiliates to have access to products to promote and its pretty straightforward to apply to be an affiliate at JVZoo. It turns no one down. The vetting of affiliates is up to the vendors.

They provide the tools to make it easy for affiliates to promote products.

You will get paid instantly into your PayPal account for your commissions. New affiliates may have to wait though.

If your refer someone to a vendor, you will be paid a commission each time they buy from the vendor in the future – nice package.

You are able to see stats on products and so you will see which products are doing well.

Then there is real affiliate marketing where you build a solid business around affiliate marketing. You don’t sell but rather inform people looking for a type of product so that they make an informed decision to purchase what they are looking for. In this case people find you rather than you go out everywhere, frantically trying to make a sale.

Let’s look at what is the JVZoo affiliate program

  • Vendors list their products
  • You sign up for the JVZoo affiliate program for free
  • You look around and find products or services you want to promote
  • Apply directly to vendors to become an affiliate for their product
  • Find ways to beat the huge crowd of affiliates all wanting to promote products.
  • It’s easy to start an affiliate business at JVZoo and so every jack and Jill registers and competition is stiff.


Tricks of the trade as the JVZoo affiliate program affiliate

New products are launched every day and so you have to be quick to promote the new product on the scene. This has its disadvantage as you are promoting a product that could be a potentially crappy product.

That means before you promote any product you have to do your due diligence, like, go to the vendor’s site and see if they offer any other notes on the product as well as what help or assistance they offer to customers. Just to get a general feel of what type of vendor you are dealing with.

You want to be the first to promote a new product, but hey, you are rushing to promote a product or service whose performance has not endured on the market. So, if you promote a crappy product you spoil chances of your buyers ever trusting you.

Unlike other affiliate platforms like Clickbank or Amazon where you sign up once and have access to all products on the platform to affiliate with, with JVZoo you have to apply separately to each seller to be an affiliate of their product. That can prove cumbersome.

If you are a beginner you may have to explain how you will promote a vendor’s product and prove you are capable before they can accept you as their product affiliate and you also go on a 30 to 90 day delayed commission payout in case of refunds.

You also have to learn how to keep an eye for new products being launched.

JVZoo affiliate program – the salesman pounding the street type to me.

You find a product and promote it, then find another one and do the same. Yes, you have the advantage of having loads of products to promote but at the end of the day, you have no solid business of your own. All your efforts are on distributing your links everywhere.

There is a way to do the exact same thing but this time around you do it to build a proper solid business for yourself. One that grows and compounds with each effort you make.

Being on JVZoo is like being in a jumble sale. Sorting it all out to get to good products takes time and experience. Why not take time to know exactly what actually goes on with affiliate marketing and THEN embark on going to JVZoo or you may find in the process that being at JVZoo waiting to advertise those mostly crappy products is not what will do it for you.


JVZoo Partner Program

JVZoo has a partner program that works like this…

If you create an account with JVZoo and refer people to JVZoo, each time one of those people you have referred makes a sale as a referral you get paid 10 cents.

My JVZoo Bone Of Contention

Once again with JVZoo I feel like I am looking at promises of making money fast – the get-rich-quick profile. I think vendors have the potential of making money on JVZoo. I am not so sure about affiliates.

Getting to truly know about the internet world takes time, years even, sometimes, depending on how fast you learn. Getting up and going to JVZoo with zero knowledge of how things work is not going to do it for you. Adverts or content online that tell you, you will make money with JVZoo is not what is going to do it for you either.

JVZoo is not a scam, far from it, but, the vendors that come on there to list their products sometimes have crappy products. The marketplace is huge so is the presence of spammers, scammers and those with sub par products. There is no vetting of the products the vendors bring to the marketplace

From my experience with building a business online, JVZoo is excellent for product creators to launch their products and seasoned affiliates. There are coaching videos on how to be an affiliate but that will not do it beginners.

There is a need to walk, step by step, implementing knowledge, with full support from industry professionals till you can stand on your own two feet then yes you can go to places like JVZoo to do business, but first get to know what’s involved properly.

It’s a brilliant thing that we are here on internet trying to learn and finding a way to do business online.

The question I started with is What is the JVZoo affiliate program at https customer JVZoo com? I hope I have answered that for you with the information above.




Don’t be a crumb under someone else’s table. Be the one to create the table to dine on!

There is a platform online that teaches and shows everything you will need to learn to be a super affiliate – services, tools, training, support and guidance for years or for as long as you will need it, till you find your feet and become an expert at affiliate marketing. You have an opportunity to test drive all it offers for free.

I feel that the thing that spoils it online is offers on the back of promises that you will make money fast.

This gives us all the picture that we have to get in there and quickly make money to recover from the hole in our pocket created from uni or college loans, bills and all the stuff that we have to pay for.

Sadly this is a scammy way of being introduced to create solid incomes online.

It takes 7 years of primary education and then another seven years of high school that’s 14 years before a mind is ready to train for a career.

Then it takes another 3 to 4 years to train in college or uni for a career. Learning to do business online authentically is no different. It takes time and is never a get-rich-quick thing unless you are dealing with a scam.

Can you see how long it takes and yet in all this there is no college course or university degree to teach you affiliate marketing.

This is why we have all these places that promise people they can help them to get-rich-quick. This is because there is no standard of how or the time it takes to learn about doing business online.

We have to scheme through all this to find authentic places to learn from.

People fall for get rich schemes is because they have not looked at it from a real learning to build a solid business perspective because they have no idea how long it takes.

The best way is to find a place that authentically teach you to become an affiliate and a successful online business person. Have a look at wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

  • Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offers training on internet marketing and teaches how to build a solid and successful business online. It is vast and comprehensive the only platform online created for affiliate marketers.
  • Over 13 years, at the time of this writing, it has evolved into a community of over a million online entrepreneurs – a mix of industry experts and professionals as well as beginners. It is in a class of its own as it is the only platform online that is all-inclusive – offers everything needed to build an online business under one platform – the tools, the support, the guidance and the training.
  • You also experience the process as a WHOLE, that is, you have the training and apply what you learn for real, not as a trial run. At the end of this training you have a proper business running and not just knowledge about how to create a business online, and as you do this you have industry experts and professionals at your disposal 24/7 to call on if you get stuck on anything as well as website tech support if you need help with your website.
  • Security – every online entrepreneur needs security for their business and wealthy affiliate comes with unsurpassed security for your business. Not just one but layers of security. There is the SSL certificate, then site protect and virus & malware protection. Just this alone will cost you 100s times over the membership fee at wealthy affiliate with other platforms.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is cost and time effective for building your online business because all services, tools and training plus support are in one place for one price, only $49 a month, membership fee. This saves you from going around the internet looking for 10, 15 or 20 different services required to run your business online which will cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Everyone starts as a free member so that they can see what is offered before getting committed to the training. It is a service first platform in the true sense.


Name : Wealthy Affiliate

website : https://wealthyaffiliate.com

Founders : Kyle and Carson

Founded : 2005

Is it legitimate? – 100% legit


The Value Of Wealthy Affiliate

  • This is a program for anyone who wants to make money online. Lessons are in English only.
  • The Starter Membership Is Free with no credit card details required and you can stay a FREE member for life if you want.
  • Then there is Premium membership of $49 a month for everything – CLICK HERE for details of what you get for this.
  • As a FREE member you will have FREE access to the Premium membership area during your first 7 days.
  • FREE member or Premium member, you will get to see how money is made online and this will help you to know how to avoid scams.
  • Over 1800 expert coaches for you – you will never lack for help
  • You will have 193 countries to do business with
  • Wealthy Affiliate has been helping business people for over 12 years, founded in 2005
  • Over one million community members – helpful and selfless. You will never be lonely and thou shall not walk it alone!
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  • Has everything you need to build a business under one roof, tools, guidance, support, resources and training
  • A step by step the easiest way of learning and you go at your own pace
  • Over ten thousand new businesses are built every month, make yours the next one
  • You have unlimited resources to make money online
  • It is the most cost-efficient platform in the industry that I know and provides the most comprehensive training – a digital marketing education library in its own right. It is also the most technologically advanced platform in the industry.

4 Steps To Affiliate Marketing


Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Training Covers Everything.

  • Hosting
  • Website builder
  • Training resources
  • Live video classes
  • Expert help
  • From building a website for free
  • and learning how to find keywords
  • how to write good content for a website, the easier way
  • having the wealthy affiliate community by your side 24/7 for support,
  • learning how to rank high in google and getting direct visitors to your website for free
  • and the process of making money online through your website – EVERYTHING YOU REQUIRE TO BUILD A BUSINESS ONLINE!
  • Access to the owners – Kyle and Carson


10 FREE Starter Lessons

  • Small steps to learn, making it easy to understand everything
  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choosing your market
  • Building a website for that market
  • Setting the website up
  • Getting that website ready to be found by visitors on internet
  • Learning how to market to your market through writing content
  • Creating menus on your website
  • Learning to find words that people use to search for what they want – keywords
  • This will show you what happens when building a business on the internet, the legitimate way instead of the way you might fall for scams online. The starter membership is free, with no credit card details required.

It’s Easy To Create Your FREE Account

  • Click on the red button below
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  • Once inside wealthy affiliate write a short introduction about yourself on your profile and add a profile pic – this is important because…
  • Wealthy affiliate is about real people and real businesses. When you introduce yourself on your profile, community members can see you are a real person and you will get more assistance. When you don’t fill in your profile you will be like the scammers or scam sites, just another hide-and-seek kind of person and NOT MANY will pay much attention to you or assist you.
  • If you are uncomfortable about adding your real picture you can add one of the ones provided, can be your favorite thing, bird, animal, car, flower or the sea AND THEN add a few words about yourself on your profile.
  • You will get used to the platform and see how genuine it is and will be comfortable adding your real image at some point.
  • Tell people a bit about yourself on your profile, so that members have an idea of how to be of assistance to you.
  • Finally, roughly 30 minutes after becoming a member you will get welcome messages on your profile with guidance on where to start – begin your exciting new journey and I wish you success!




My conclusion on

What is the JVZoo affiliate program at https customer JVZoo com? JVZoo has cutting edge solutions to facilitate the connection between product creators, affiliates and buyers but the environment is like a jumble sale and this makes it hard for the unseasoned seller, affiliate or buyer to make money. The best for most is to learn how to be an affiliate marketer and learn how to properly build your own solid affiliate marketing business online. Register for free with the alternative, the all-inclusive, cost-efficient wealthy affiliate. Click the red button above.

2 thoughts on “What is the JVZoo Affiliate Program at https Customer JVZoo com – Save Yourself From Stressing”

  1. Hi Danielle,

    I can’t say that JVZoo is a scam site! They are legal but they are not good or even close to honest in my opinion. I am happy with this article Danielle that you had the courage to expose the shenanigans of such cow boyish behavior from this platform.

    In my experience is this. I signed up to JVZoo think they was all legit and stuff. I bought a product that said I could earn $100 A DAY IN TWO WEEKS!!! 2 WEEKS! Not 1 year. Not 2 years, but two weeks.

    OK, I paid $29 for a pile of dirt! Actually, I would of got more value from a pile of dirt then what I got from this ‘product’. It was a rambling of random facts about the internet and the potential to earn money. Nothing I didn’t already know.

    Then, as I am reading, the author is like this will take time. Those that persevere will end up earning $100 a day. This could take six months or a year.

    BANGGG!! Right there!!!! That is NOT LEGAL Danielle – the product said two weeks to earn $100 a day and now the author is saying it could take longer. They ffíng lied to me and I was and still am livid!! Cowboys! I will never use JVZoo again and I am SOO tempted to exact vengance by exposing their nonsense to my tens of thousands of traffic that come to my own site.

    STAY CLEAR OF JVZOO – .False/Misleading Advertising to Make Sales. I can proof every word of this as well, if I have to. I still got the shoddy download on my laptop.

    • Hi Philip,

      That experience is infuriating!

      Now, with experience, when I see a product that has those get-rich-quick promises I stay clear.

      But that takes time to know. Most beginners will fall for those promises. This is why it’s better to take courses that teach legitimate ways to earn money online. That way we learn to know who is a scam and who is not. Wealthy Affiliate does a good job of teaching people how to know what to do online. Unfortunately there are few platforms that teach this properly.

      Take that product creator to task Philip! Ask for a refund. They made you buy their product on false promises.

      Thank you for telling your story. This will go a long way in helping other people to see what goes on with scammy product creators.


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