What is GNLD neolife – is it a scam or not?

What is GNLD neolife – is it a scam or not?

What is GNLD Neolife – is it a scam or not?


GNLD means Golden Neolife Diamite and has been around for a long time, since 1958.

Started off as NeoLife with the nutrition range and then became GNLD and diversified into Skin and personal care and home care.

Founder – Jerry Brassfield

GNLD has four product ranges

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Personal Care
  • Skin care
  • Home Care

Jerry Brassfield had a dream, to bring good nutrition to people in the form of organic, 100% food supplements and in my opinion he achieved that.

I personally love GNLD nutritional supplements. I like the fact that they are natural and backed by science. There is a scientific advisory board for those nutritional products.

The products are pricey because of that and of-course because of the MLM part of the business.


The GNLD MLM business opportunity is the part I will focus on here because I  have a problem with that but I have no problem with their range of products.


Anything that depends on downlines’ sales kind of pyramid structure does not sit well with me because it means one has to go into massive recruiting mode to succeed. The disadvantage is, with the kind of prices that go with GNLD products, few people will buy much. Usually the distributors are the company customers.

The fact that GNLD has this upline and downline structure, for anyone to succeed, it means, subtly, uplines push downlines to perform. Do you get my point – it’s a bit like going back to having a boss! Isn’t this what we are all trying to get away from when we want to create our own business?

Being part of this type of MLM business opportunity means you are, in disguise, a salesman/woman pounding the street! Only you don’t pound the streets physically, you prey on people you meet like a hawk! That replaces the street pounding.

Depending on how many downlines one has, to create an income, means you are actually dependent on other people to make your business a success.  For me, this is not the formula to have your own business and making it a success.

You are not in control of your business success as an entrepreneur. You depend on other factors outside of yourself to make your money in ‘supposedly’ your own business! No, no, no, no – that doesn’t wash.

This is an open way for another business to take advantage of your business, if you really want to call that your business!

Why not create your own independent business, where you make the decisions, map out your strategy and execute it to success? There is guidance at hand that beats any university online business courses.

The GNLD opportunity plan is that you get downlines, who in turn get downlines, and in turn get downlines – and you get a certain percentage from these downlines’ sales, in decreasing order per each next level of downlines. It is heavy to carry all those dowlines – if at all you have any!

I totally get it that, there are a few people that are naturals at hunting down people and convincing them but most don’t. If you are reading this, chances are, you can actually see this ugly picture already and are looking for a better way to do business.

There is promise of financial freedom leading to generations in GNLD but you know what, as soon as you fail to make a sale in the month, your money cow dries up! This means, you don’t build a business that compounds your efforts. If you don’t make monthly sales, you lose all those hours of effort and have no payment from your downline sales!

Why not have a business where you are in control and that business still pays you for all the hard work you have put in, to a point where, even when you don’t put much effort due to family problems or things coming up in life, you still get money coming into the business.



It is not easy to make money with the GNLD Neolife business opportunity plan. A program that relies heavily on sales and recruiting people in order to make money is highly stressful both for you and the people you have to hassle.

You will waste a lot of money traveling to see people, to explain how the opportunity works and taking them to venues to have uplines try to convince them some more. Running your telephone bill and time-consuming – you name it.

The products are pricey and so it’s not easy to sell products every day to cover your business expenses.

The commission you get from selling products is not much.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, you will be a very tired person, whose family members and friends avoid at parties because they have enough of sales pitches.

Yes there is the promise of working from home but that is just a promise. Attending seminars involves traveling and no children are allowed there and so really you will be working away from home quite some. You will be traveling even more than a regular 9 to 5 job.

At least with the 9 to 5 job you travel once in the morning and once after work.

With the GNLD business you will call and travel to see prospects, to explain the opportunity and you travel to seminars and you travel to events and you travel to arrange product sales and demonstrations, all this at your own expense!

It really is a process of building somebody else’s dream and not your  dream to be honest.


There is another way to have a successful business with no recruiting.

GNLD versus Wealthy Affiliate

To truly work from home and not be used by MLM companies like GNLD to buy their products under the guise of a business opportunity…

  • Create your own solid business online
  • where your earnings are not dependent on upline, downline model
  • You make the decisions and your hard work always pays

You don’t spend extra money to travel to any seminars. Everything you need to start and build a successful business is in one place online. All you have to do is wake up, make your cup of tea and start work whenever you are ready. And on the other side of your keyboard are other business people to talk to and ask questions if you get stuck.

That means you can be truly home and be with family and loved ones when they need you or when you need them.

This platform is called Wealthy Affiliate. You can click on that link to get more detailed information.

What Wealthy Affiliate does for you or teaches you with 10 free lessons that GNLD Neolife will never do for you.

  • Little steps to learn, making it easy to understand everything wealthy affiliate versus GNLD neolife
  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choosing your market
  • Building a website for that market
  • Setting the website up
  • Getting that website ready to be found by visitors on internet
  • Learning how to market to your market through writing content
  • Creating menus on your website
  • Learning to find words that people use, to search for what they want
  • This will give you a basic idea of what happens on the internet instead of the way you might fall for scams online.
wealthy-affiliate-versus-GNLD- neolife

  • Click the ‘Start your own business today’ button below for much, much more information on how, today, you can start building a thriving business online. You will have a step-by-step learning process that will ensure your understanding and you will be able to build a solid business with the help of over a million other business people. Starter membership is FREE.

$0 to start! No need to wait!

wealthy affiliate versus GNLD

6 thoughts on “What is GNLD neolife – is it a scam or not?”

  1. An online concept needs people to succeed. Every business concept needs people to succeed. Also just to add, any business you enter into has some level of network marketing system in it. Just needs formalization. Since buying of a product requires trust in both the product and the company by the buyer, network marketing system makes it easier cause it’s people who know each other and already have that element of trust, and even love enough to encouragement each other to use either goods and services a certain company provides. Love your neighbour as yourself, easy discription of network marketing. Addressing issue on piramid scheme v/s network marketing. Piramid scheme guarantees that whoever started the team, will always get more than others, while network marketing system guarantees that whoever works smart and harder, gets paid more. God bless you.

  2. Hi Danielle,

    This was a powerful read. MLM’s are barely even legal with mostly the top tiers making all the cash. If you check out such companies members earning stats you will see that most members don’t even recoup initial investment.

    Where the primary product is to recruit others, though there are products to sell, and where most profitable to do such recruitment’s, then we can un-legally classify them as an MLM. However, MLM’s do have legal standings as a legit business model so it is up to the people to get smart about these things.

    4 Billion People online shortly and I can’t believe there are those that have not woken up to the power of owning your own website. What is wrong with making something you can be proud of and then earn a fortune from? So many are turning to this way to make money online as it is very inexpensive to get started.

    You make a brilliant point Danielle about calling to see prospects etc. It really is out of your own wallet with no reimbursements. That is a common complaint you will hear with other companies like Herbalife etc. Even to attend their seminars you have to go out of your way. Seems like the members are doing all the hard and the top-liners just feeding them reasons to keep on paying. Its bad form.

    I was Googling what is GNLD Neolife and spotted your post and I am delighted I found it, because, it just confirmed to me my fears about their business set up. I just stay away from all such ways of earning money like this. I am very happy I have my answer and thank you very much Danielle for putting so much information to leave you question on unanswered.



    P.S. I mentioned Herbalife. They the same business as the one here?

    Is it really free to Sign Up To Your Offer? Thank you.

    • Hi Philip,

      I am glad that you found this article when you were searching. We try hard to give people information they need before they get involved with any platform online. GNLD neolife is one of the MLM business models out there.

      I totally agree with you, the MLM business model is really not quite what can make real money for anyone.

      There is so much leg work involved and it’s not easy on your purse. You work pretty hard on the 9 to 5 only to give some of that money to another really challenging opportunity without ever being able to get it back. A recipe for disaster for most. Don’t pump out money for the family to MLMs.

      Herbalife is the same business model. It’s also been around for ages and not many make much money from it. I suppose they are around due to the health products too. Thank you for the mention, I am going to do a review of Herbalife.

      Signing up for Wealthy affiliate is totally free and the full details are on this page

      Thank you for your interest and your thoughts on GNLD Neolife.



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