What Is An Affiliate Marketing Business?

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Business?

Most people wonder about what is an affiliate marketing business.

As a beginner I was the same and this is why I like to clarify or define what some of the basics are. Most jargon on internet seems to assume that everyone knows what these terms mean.

In most cases, this is confusing for beginners. Information helps us to understand and make informed choices online.

Thinking of the affiliate marketing business we look at the following

  • What is an affiliate marketing business
  • what is an affiliate website about
  • How the Affiliate programs work
  • What is an affiliate marketer
  • What is an affiliate marketing merchant
  • How to learn affiliate marketing
  • How much money can you earn from affiliate marketing?

What is an affiliate marketing Business?

An affiliate marketing business is when you create a business around linking to other people’s products or services for a commission. I know you probably get a picture of a salesman knocking door to door trying to sell something. This is totally different. It’s about marketing and NOT selling. Totally different. There is a much bigger picture to affiliate marketing, MUCH, MUCH BIGGER.

With an affiliate marketing business, you are not a small, hit the street salesman or woman, you are an entrepreneur, with a potential to earn a fortune and not a salary. You don’t bug or beg people to buy a product, instead you help and solve people’s problems.

It’s fulfilling and it’s fun!

This is a concept I can’t explain in one sentence. There are different steps that I will explain here and by the time you finish reading this article you will have the full concept. I will also provide details of where you can learn the ropes and create your own solid and thriving affiliate marketing business. It is the easiest business to start online.

The first step is to create an affiliate website.


What Is An Affiliate Website About?

I will fully answer this question towards the end because it’s special and there are a few terms to explain before we  get to this question. Besides the website is where you will be building your business and so I want to give it special attention.

Many people seek for a business model online. Creating a business has never been simpler than understanding and creating a business model based on an affiliate program.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is when a company allows people or another company to link to their products or services for a commission.

A person creates their own website, they link to a company’s products and as they write content on their websites, the links create the revenue when visitors click on the link and buy stuff.

The job of an affiliate marketer is not to sell but to create helpful content that solves people’s problems.

The secret is to learn how to get visitors to your website through your content. I will show you where you will learn the secrets and it’s easy too.

That person or company earning from linking to a company’s or companies’ products and or services is the affiliate.

How The Affiliate Programs Work

An affiliate can apply directly to a single company for the opportunity to link to their products or services.

The other option is to apply to big companies who have a lot of other companies’ products on their platform, and whose affiliate programs they manage. An example is Amazon.

Amazon is a world market. It has an affiliate marketing program for affiliate marketers, that allows those marketers to link to products, from different companies, that are on Amazon.


What is an affiliate marketer?


An affiliate marketer is the person or company that has links to products from a merchant or an affiliate network, on their own website. The process of writing content and linking to those products is the affiliate marketing process. The website owner displaying links to other people’s goods or  merchant’s products and services is the affiliate marketer.

 What is an affiliate marketing merchant?

An Affiliate marketing merchant is the source of products or services marketed by affiliates. The merchant increases their sales and brand awareness through affiliates’ websites. The good bit is, as they are increasing their sales and brand awareness, so are you as an affiliate marketer! A win win situation. Plus, as an affiliate marketer, you get to benefit from the brand’s trail blazing track and hard work for their research and creation of their products.

You even choose who you want to affiliate with. A far cry from the 9 to 5 rat-race where you have to stick with a boss you don’t like!

An affiliate merchant will either offer their affiliate program direct to affiliates or through affiliate networks.


What are affiliate networks?

Places like Amazon have different merchants or companies under one umbrella and then they manage affiliate programs for these companies. As an affiliate marketer, instead of dealing with many different companies, your application for an affiliate program will be to Amazon only and you get to link to all the different companies products an affiliate program from Amazon. This makes it easy peasy for affiliates.

So, an affiliate network is sort of the middle man between affiliates and merchants.


Now I can fully answer the question,

What is an affiliate website About?

Why have I chosen to make this special? Because the affiliate website is where YOU as an affiliate marketer, build your business.

Marketing online is done through websites.  Before you can be accepted into an affiliate program, the merchant wants to see your website.

A website is a platform online with a collection of related web pages. Web pages are just files online that people can write content on and people searching for information find those pages and read them.

The process of writing content and then getting found online is what makes the affiliate marketing business tick.

So, an affiliate website is a website that has web pages geared towards an affiliate model of business. It can be anything from fashion to cat food and everything in between. You can virtually pick on anything you like.

As an affiliate marketer, the web page is the creative space online where you bring your own brand alive and have a thriving, solid and successful brand at that!

Now, of-course, you have to learn how to do this properly. There is one place that I know of that is an excellent place to learn about this. It is called…

  Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is not only a place that offers their own affiliate program, they guide and teach, anyone interested, how to succeed with the affiliate marketing type of business.  They specialize and have an affiliate training  program called Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, comprising of 70 lessons.

These are very practical lessons with practical tasks at the end of each lesson. In no time you will be running a real business with a solid presence online!

The first ten lessons are free and you will have two affiliate programs free websites, getting a hands on affiliate marketing free website to explore.

Here is what the 10 free affiliate marketing business lessons are:-

  • Getting Started
  • Choosing Your Direction
  • Building Your Website
  • A Website Look Around
  • Activating Your Plugins
  • Getting Your Website Ready For SEO
  • Your Initial Framework Of Content
  • Understanding The Keyword Research process
  • Creating Thoughtful and Insightful Reviews
  • The Exciting Journey Has begun



The wealthy affiliate platform has a section of their training that teaches about the normal straightforward online business model too, comprising of 50 lessons. As a free starter member, you get a bonus of the first basic 10 of these lessons for free, but this is a topic for another post, another day. 🙂 Today is about affiliate marketing.

When you sign up for your free membership, besides the 10 free affiliate lessons and another 10 free non-affiliate lessons, you get to have a bonus to experience the features exclusive to premium members only, for your first 7 days. Features such as, live chat, the community, community posts and training, access to expert guidance and access to industry professionals. What you can’t have is Private Messaging to or from other members.


How Do Affiliate programs work – an example

Little do most people realize the potential in affiliate marketing.

Here is an example

Amazon pays 6% commission on their products. This means for every product that people click through, through your website and buy something, you earn 6% commission. Let’s do some figure work to make it more real.

Someone comes through your site and buys a mattress worth $10 000. Yes mattresses are that expensive and people like to sleep well. Going to bed is a special time for many reasons and people do spend money on good mattresses!

Ok, someone buys a $10 000 mattress. 6% of that is $600. This is money you earn for putting, just a product link on your site! Of-course you have to write some content for your website. People like to read information. They do, more than people realize.

For that mattress niche, you could be talking about how to solve sleeping problems and linking to all sorts of products or services. Your main idea is to genuinely give them information and good solutions for their problem. When they choose to buy what you link to, it’s a bonus. And they will, especially if you are genuine about your help and you write helpful information.

I remember one affiliate marketer was into giving information on gold, silver and platinum and he was linking to this gold mine for sale!

You don’t have to worry about customer service, packaging or delivery! The merchant will do that.

There are millions of products that people search for online all the time. There are billions of people searching for products online every day down to every second. The market is vast!

Most people’s doubts creep in because they think that no one will find their website online.

And honestly speaking, no one will. There is way too many websites out there and way too much competition.

But you know what, there are places on internet that have the industry secrets on how to succeed in this business model. Not only affiliate programs but any type of business.

How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners

There is especially that platform, wealthy affiliate, a place created specially for affiliate marketing, with everything you will need under one roof! It will show you how to be found on internet and as a result you have an opportunity to make money with your website.

To succeed online you have to know what people are searching for and within the search terms some web pages are highly competitive whilst others are not. We call these search terms keywords.

Unless you have a keyword tool that shows you these search terms and determines which ones have less competition, then you will be shooting in the dark with your business.

Wealthy Affiliate has a keyword tool called Jaaxy that will reveal secrets of the trade to you that you will not find anywhere else.



Most people rush to have free websites on offer on the internet but, without an offer for support, guidance and training. This is a huge mistake as the business will never take off and you will sit there waiting for your affiliate marketing niche to make money for you.

What is an affiliate marketing niche?

Most people talk about niches in very complicated ways. A niche is just a group of people looking for stuff.

Here is and example… people searching for details on cat food, is a niche. If you like cats, you can then write about good ways to look after and feed cats and the benefits, and then have cat food affiliate links on your site.

This is all you need to understand about that little word ‘niche’.

When you find a group of people looking for the same product or service, you are looking at a niche.

Someone teaching other people how to do affiliate marketing is also into the affiliate marketing niche.

How much money can you make from affiliate marketing?

Honestly, with affiliate marketing, the sky is the limit. It’s really up to you and how much effort you are willing to put in, to build your website. There are millionaires from affiliate marketing.

Create your own affiliate business online…

Read more about the platform that will teach you how to set up your own business,

To Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate , Click Here.

If you have any questions or would like to add to what I have written above, please use the comments section below. We like to hear from our visitors.

I hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate and I can have fun showing you the ropes!

The good thing is that there is no credit card required. Starter membership is free. So there is no need to wait. Sign up for your starter account for free. You have nothing to lose!

Join 1.3 million entrepreneurs on their exciting journey!



See you inside. I will be right there to welcome you and show you around. My username in there is SongbirdDL.


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  1. Hi Danielle,

    Thank you kindly and I have book marked this site for future reference. I was not too sure so I thought I would do some research. I feel a bit more confident on what is an affiliate marketing business and looking for programs to join.

    Those ten lessons within Wealthy Affiliate are definitely free? Do I need credit card details to sign up to it Danielle?



    • Hi Philip

      No, you don’t need a credit card to start your membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

      … And those 10 lessons are definitely FREE!

      Later on, if you feel you need more lessons, then you can decide to become a premium member. The premium membership subscription is way lower than the value you get. But that is entirely up to you, depending on how you feel about the free membership.

      If you click on that link there you will get to see what else Wealthy Affiliate offers.

      An affiliate business model, in my opinion, is the best.

      I have tried many different business models and the affiliate business is the best. Having a platform to teach and guide you to make it a success is a HUGE bonus.

      What more, you will have no requirement of huge capital outlay and you have no products to handle. No need to even bother your friends and family members!

      The best choice for a business model ever!

      Best of luck and look around this site for more helpful and practical information. We always keep adding more helpful information.

      Thank you for your interest.

      Have a brilliant day!


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