What Is a Keyword Tool About – Jaaxy Is The Best Keyword Suggestion Tool Around

What Is a Keyword Tool About – Jaaxy Is The Best Keyword Suggestion Tool Around

What is a keyword tool about?

Most people think that when they have created a website that is all that is required.

For that website to have traffic, that is, to have what-is-a-keyword-tool-about visitors, the website owner must write content in a certain way. They must unlock the key to traffic.


The Keyword

There are terms that people use when they are searching on Internet. For example, a person will type, ‘How to make lemonade’ when they are searching for the lemonade recipe. That search term ‘How to make lemonade’ that they have typed in Google is what is called a keyword.

I used to think that a keyword is one word as the word says ‘keyword’ but a keyword is not necessarily one word, it is the phrase or search term that a person uses to search for items or information on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines.

In order to find these keywords that people search for, one can use what is called a keyword tool. Different platforms have different keyword suggestion tools.

Just to name a few, here are 5 examples. I have added images to some of them so that you have an idea of what these look like.

  • Google Keyword Suggest Tool
  • Google Adwords keyword planner
  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest



  • Jaaxy Keyword Tool

What is a keyword search about?

When you want your website to be the best, knowing about keyword search is key. Best here is not about a shiny object but a website that will bring the results you want from a your content.

The keyword search tool will give you suggestions of keywords that people have used or are using to search for items and information. This is good in that you get a lot of ideas on what to write about on your website, that people are searching for.

Keyword search is about typing in a keyword, say in Goggle search, and a drop down list of what people are typing in, comes up.

Here is an example…

I typed ‘Twitte..’ and here is what came up

Those are keywords that people are typing into Google and searching for.

But real keyword search is about getting a lot more information. It is about using the keyword tool for SEO, that is, using the keyword tool for search engine optimization.

What is a keyword tool for SEO?

First, what is Search Engine Optimization? SEO, is about using search terms that help your website to be placed at the top of the search results in Google. If someone searches for something, you want your website to be the first one to be shown to that reader. So search engine optimization is writing content in a way that helps that content to be found by visitors in search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo etc. When you create your website, you want people to find it online, if it can be at the top of the list, all the better.


The Good Keyword Tool

What a good keyword tool will do is not just give you suggestions of what people are typing into search engines. It will give you real statistics about each keyword. Things like how many websites are writing about that same keyword. If you have 2 million websites writing about a keyword, what are the chances of your website being found if you write about that same keyword?

Using a keyword tool for SEO is about strategic placement of keywords in your content. It is about finding the best keywords in terms of competition. Most keyword tools will not give you this keyword competition information. Your success is strongly dependent on what keyword information you have.

Jaaxy keyword tool is a keyword tool that goes way beyond what other keyword tools do. Let us have a look…


What the Jaaxy keyword Tool is About

Jaaxy keyword tool is a keyword tool in Wealthy Affiliate. It is so easy to use and unlike the other keyword tools, you don’t have to download any software to start using Jaaxy. It’s just so pretty straightforward and efficient to use. You create your account, type in your keyword and it brings up your results.

Here is a process that I use when I want to find keywords for my website

Let us say I want to search for a keyword about creating a business website.

I log in to my Jaaxy account to search for the keyword, ‘create a business website.’ When I click on ‘Find Keywords, here is what I get

The above is a list of phrases is what people are searching for online.

The first column is average traffic per month. The second column is expected traffic to my website when I write content about a keyword and the third column, QSR, shows me how many pages I will be competing with for each keyword. The SEO column indicates how good a keyword is, percentage wise.

On the far right I also get related keywords, whose competition I can search for. This also gives me more ideas to write about. Next to that I can click on ‘brainstorm’ for even more keywords and ideas.

So from this you can see how rich I become in terms of content writing ideas! I will never run out of of what to write about.

Knowing what to do and using the right keyword tool marks you up for success. As you can see, this is a no brainer! It is just so obvious!

Another example… Here is my website and a keyword I used

Searching for that keyword using Jaaxy produced this result

As you can see I have a lot of good keywords with less competition to choose from. A brilliant recipe for success. But you don’t get this with every keyword tool.

Jaaxy is a state-of-the-art keyword tool. It shows you good keywords in seconds.

Jaaxy also has a ‘domain’ column. This makes it easy for you to choose a good domain or website name. As you can see from the image, you have an opportunity to see which names are available. Choosing a good domain name off head can be frustrating as most good names have been taken.


The Best Keyword Suggestion Tool – what else will Jaaxy do for you.

The Jaaxy keyword tool is the best in the industry. Here is what else it will do for you

You get everything from site rank, alphabet soup (another brilliant way to come up with content ideas and keywords), Jaaxy help, saving keyword lists for efficiency and speed, Jaaxy affiliate program and you can search for affiliate programs. There is just so much there for your success. Features you will not find with any other keyword tool on the Internet.

Some Jaaxy keyword research tool features little review

There you go! For your future and fortune use the Jaaxy keyword tool

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. You can also leave a comment below. Hearing from you with feedback is priceless. It will go a long way in helping others who visit this site. Thank you for your time.

Jaaxy Price Options



Like I said before, Jaaxy is a keyword tool within wealthy affiliate. When you become a free member at wealthy affiliate you get Jaaxy starter for free. Basically you have a state-of-the-art SEO keyword research tool for free! When you become a wealthy affiliate premium member, you get Jaaxy lite for free too and Jaaxy pro and enterprise for half the prize as shown above.

Who is Jaaxy for? – Just about anyone who needs Keywords – anyone writing content online that they would like to attract visitors to.

  • Local marketers
  • Online marketers
  • Site flippers
  • Website owners
  • bloggers
  • small business owners
  • affiliate marketers
  • SEO professionals

Details of What Jaaxy can do for you.

  • Find Keywords. Imagine ranking at will! Keywords are your business life blood, your business pulse. With over 500 brand new keyword searches every day and Jaaxy searching and finding them for you, how can you ever go wrong with content writing? The keyword market for your business ideas is vast. There is no way you will run out of ideas! Jaaxy will find keywords for you, and go as deep as you want within minutes and that makes your business and time management more efficient. The TRUE keyword competition from Jaaxy will give you miles ahead of competitors.

Google, Bing and Yahoo own 99.7% of search traffic online. Now Jaaxy gives accurate keyword research data on all the three search engines. That means, with Jaaxy you have all the keyword research data that you will need for the success of your business!

  • Site Rank – An ability to monitor rank for improvement. Jaaxy site rank is a feature exclusive to the Jaaxy keyword tool. Here you will learn how to study the websites environment and what makes websites tick. An excellent feature that practically shows and teaches you how to make your website rank in Google.
  • Search Analysis. Competition becomes a thing of the past with the Jaaxy search analysis feature. Looking and learning from what others are doing is a thing that the Jaaxy keyword tool can do for you. It allows you to learn from the top ten ranking websites, making the Internet a focused learning and practical environment! By this feature you can study a niche and explore it using accurate data.
  • Domain availability. There is a domain search feature in Jaaxy the allows you to find high quality brandable domain names. What’s in a domain name, a website name? Well, a lot. Having websites online is like real estate in the physical world. A house in a lucrative area is money in the bank. Similarly, a good brandable website or domain name can sell for thousands of dollars. Good domain names are hard to find but Jaaxy makes it easy for you.

You can go into full time finding and selling domains! Thanks to Jaaxy! Website flipping, they call it! Easy, lump some money for those that know what they are doing.

  • Alphabet Soup. Using a search term and combining it with each letter of the alphabet gives many more keywords and ideas to write about.you have at your disposal so many ideas to make a full time income from! Using Jaaxy will give ideas that will bring in income to feed you and your family for a lifetime!
  • Saved Lists. Jaaxy has a feature that allows you to research compile and save lists of your chosen keywords for future use. An excellent way to manage your keyword research activities. This allows for more efficiency. You save, export and hand over keywords to your content writing teams. This enables you to have your content produced in exactly the way you want if your are out sourcing content.
  • Affiliate Program. There is an affiliate program withing Jaaxy that you can leverage. This will fully be explained to you as a member. I shall not bother you with the details here.
  • Niches. Some people struggle to find niches. Jaaxy will help you to check-out the hottest trends and this will help you find new niche ideas. The brainstorm feature also helps to uncover loads of niche ideas.

Because Jaaxy is a keyword tool within wealthy affiliate, as a member you will have free access to the Jaaxy starter and Jaaxy lite features. These will allow you to have free searches. With starter as a free member, you have up to 30 keyword searches. With Jaaxy lite you have unlimited searches. For the more advanced features like … you are required to subscribe. As, a wealthy affiliate premium member you have a subsidized Jaaxy membership. You pay half the price

Jaaxy pro will cost 19 a month and Jaaxy enterprise will cost you 49 a month. All worth it and you can easily recover your costs from what Jaaxy can do for you.

If you don’t want to be a wealthy affiliate member and need a keyword tool you can subscribe directly to that will do wonders for your business, then you can subscribe directly to Jaaxy. Jaaxy pro will cost you £49 a month if you are a premium member and $99 a month if you are a non-member. Once again, this is nothing compared to the value of what you will get.

Jaaxy membership Options Advanced features



Jaaxy Starter               Jaaxy Lite                          Jaaxy Pro                Jaaxy Enterprise

jaaxy-keyword-tool-membership- advanced-features



I have a friend who pays $252.58 a month to have a company to handle her keyword and SEO management!

Jaaxy can only lead you to success at a very low cost, much more less than the industry prices. Join Jaaxy winners today.

You can have 30 keyword searches for free. If you have a website already, use your keywords to have a little search.

If you don’t have a website then become a Wealthy Affiliate Free Member and you can have the free version to use as much as you like.

To search for your free 30 keywords from Jaaxy use the form below.

If you would rather go the wealthy affiliate free membership way CLICK HERE for more information.






2 thoughts on “What Is a Keyword Tool About – Jaaxy Is The Best Keyword Suggestion Tool Around”

  1. Hi Danielle,

    In the past I have created sites with wix etc but there is no training what to do next, not like what is located within this article, and their links.

    I had no idea either the sheer power and easy application of SEO!! So I learned SEO. But, I did not know how to find what people were typing into Google – what people were looking for to write about – and so I was stuck once more.

    I have tried the Google Tools for keywords for ages. I did not get ranked and I was mystified. I gave up. I gave up for years.

    I only learned last year that Google Tools for Keyword Hunting is given even to everyone, and NO ONE KNOWS about many articles are using those keywords. If, as you say there are 2 million posts for those keywords, it is my opinion Google won’t even index it. Why should it? – When that subject matter is saturated like an infection.

    But Jaxxy, now here is a keyword tool I can believe in. I know EXACTLY – PRECISELY – how many other websites are using those keywords. And because Wealthy Affiliate Members use Jaxxy always, given it is the best in my opinion, we are continuously out ranking our competitors 🙂 .

    Those that want to earn online need more than just a keyword tool, You Need a Jaxxy Keyword Tool – The Worlds Most Powerful 1!

    Thank You Danielle and I can take away from here a few tips to better my own site.



    • Hi Philip,

      When I started I was using the other keyword tool that was there. I had results-ish lol! if there be a word like that. It was not until I tried Jaaxy enterprise that I realized how powerful Jaaxy is. It gives you all the ideas and the keywords and everything else. I became confident in my ability to do business. I just did! Now it’s just a matter of scaling it!

      At some point I am going to go into domain flipping and I know Jaaxy is going to do a splendid job for me.

      Once again, thanks for passing by Philip! See you when you come again.



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