What Does The Affiliate Marketer Do – Content Is Smart Passive Income

What Does The Affiliate Marketer Do – Content Is Smart Passive Income

What does The Affiliate Marketer Do?

You are here because you want to know – what does the affiliate marketer do?

An affiliate marketer is one, company or individual, who chooses to talk about or write about another business’s products or services for a percentage from sales made through their effort. This business arrangement connects the business owner or the merchant and the affiliate marketer through affiliate links. The affiliate marketer can connect and write about as many products and services as they want. This makes being an affiliate marketer a very lucrative business.

Looking at the image above. The affiliate marketer is the one with the website talking about computers. When a visitor purchases a computer through the affiliate marketer’s recommendation, the affiliate marketer gets paid an agreed on percentage from the sale.

An affiliate marketer is connected or affiliated to the merchant’s products through codes called affiliate links. The work of talking about the merchant’s products by the affiliate marketer is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest and cheapest business to start online. You are here because You have heard about it and now you want to know what does the affiliate marketer do? Perhaps the other questions you have are…

  • What do I need to be an affiliate marketer?
  • How Do I start affiliate marketing from scratch?
  • What is the best affiliate marketing program?
  • Can I make money as an affiliate marketer?
  • What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners?
  • How do I start an affiliate marketing business?
  • What does an affiliate marketer do?

What is an affiliate marketer?


To help you to understand this concept we will use non technical language and then link you to an article that explains it another way to make sure you get it. This is key and could mean your next million dollar business!

Think about the concept of duplicating your efforts over and over again or think of it as hiring sales reps that work for you all their life! The sales reps are not people but the articles you put online about other people’s products and services.

Being an affiliate marketer is an extremely interesting concept and very lucrative too! You can make as much as you want for real.

Here is how this happens…

If you had a business that is totally depended on hiring salespeople, do you think it would succeed if you hired only one sales person?

Let’s talk about Duplication?

This is a word you probably never associate with an affiliate marketer but it is very much the life blood of your business as an affiliate marketer.

Duplication means ‘exactly like something else’

Companies hire marketers and sales reps in order to duplicate their business idea in other people. This way many people are out there talking about the company. The company gets known and so makes a profit. Ever heard of the multi level marketing concept? It is duplication on steroids! Only it’s a bit unfair because distributors don’t earn much. Each distributor is taught to duplicate the business idea and they are taught to go out and teach other people in their social circle what they know about the business.

The affiliate marketer is similar in that he or she talks about or recommends a merchant’s products for a commission but has a simpler and straightforward yet more successful business model. We will explain why this is.

As an affiliate marketer, you can spread your wings everyday and create as much buzz about your business as you like.

The affiliate marketer’s job is to market or talk about products and services. In essence he or she writes information and recommends products and puts that information online through their website. They must know how to write in such a way that their website is listed at the top of page one on Google or other search engines. That way, when visitors go to search for products and services online, they find the affiliate marketer’s website first.

The Article As The Sales person

When the affiliate marketer knows how to do this, they can succeed in anything they choose to talk about.

Each article that they write on their website is like a sales person that they teach to go out and sell products exactly the same way as the self. It’s self duplication. The affiliate marketer’s job is to duplicate their knowledge of a product or service online. This is what they call their business. The good thing is that, they are not duplicating that in a human sales rep. This is a huge advantage.

Why Is It An Advantage?

The human being is difficult because when you ask them to learn from you in order to duplicate what you know, some are stubborn and they want to do it their own way. Some are slow, they won’t learn as quickly as you like. Most want to get paid to do the job. Some just don’t get it but you have wasted or put in a lot of time to teach them. Some try a little bit and then give up because it’s too hard. Then you get a handful that get it. Only 2 %! That means most of your efforts to duplicate your idea in sales reps is wasted as a conventional business person. Recruiting to get good sales people is a challenge.

As an affiliate marketer, duplicating your efforts, compared to recruiting sales reps, is like a walk in the park. That also means creating your affiliate business is easy.

Think about each of your written article as representing a sales rep, and the following are the benefits you get from each written article. Think of an article as your ‘written sales rep’ instead of a real physical sales person…


What Does The Affiliate Marketer Do – The 30 Benefits Of ‘The Written Sales Rep’


  1. Your written article is fully employed by you for free – yes, what you write online is there to sell or market for you forever, for free!
  2. It duplicates your efforts completely – you get your message across just as you want it
  3. It’s not stubborn – the writing will just do the job for you, no questions asked
  4. It’s a fast learner – there is nothing to teach, it goes out exactly as you want it
  5. It will not try to do it it’s own way
  6. It will not quit
  7. It doesn’t give up – it’s there online forever
  8. It’s not slow – gets it as soon as you write it
  9. It doesn’t find it too hard
  10. It’s not lazy – Its online all the time selling for you
  11. It’s not afraid of hard work
  12. It doesn’t phone off-sick because it’s never ill
  13. It doesn’t fall pregnant and gets low production levels
  14. It doesn’t get depressed
  15. Attends to everyone all the time
  16. It has no discrimination
  17. It’s never absent
  18. It talks to people everyday, you only need to write and post it online once
  19. Each article is an employed non-salaried employee working around the clock, in all countries for you
  20. You can employ as many sales people (write as many articles) as you like – FOR FREE
  21. You duplicate your knowledge in each and it goes out there and does the same – duplicates your knowledge in other people, who will buy products or hire services at your recommendation and you get paid for it.
  22. You give it the exact formula and it puts out the exact same formula – it’s trainable
  23. Each time it speaks to someone, it’s to your total benefit – it won’t cheat on you.
  24. It doesn’t have to worry about accent – it matches everyone’s accent!
  25. It never gets bored
  26. Nor Tired
  27. It’s working 24/7/365
  28. It is like you train each employee once and they go out there and do the job. Once in a while they come back for an update or two but that’s it and it’s willing to work for you for the rest of it’s life.
  29. Because you write about something once and put it out there, it leaves you with more time to be creative and recruit more reps, that is, writing more content – that means you recruit as many sales reps as you want – this is in terms of each of your writing representing a rep and doing the job for you,
  30. The cream on the cake is that you work with millions of products and companies, not just one and that makes your potential to become a millionaire real.

SMART PASSIVE INCOME POTENTIAL – if you ask me! Nothing beats this! Who would want to pass up this affiliate marketer business opportunity for something else?

You don’t hire ales reps to give you a headache or fail you and yet you have the potential equal to hiring a lot of sales reps to sell for you!

If your business fails, the questions for remedy are

  1. how many sales people have you employed? A company that relies on salespeople cannot survive by employing only one sales person! (This means, to succeed, write many articles as your sales reps)
  2. What have you asked them to say? (Put good information in your articles)
  3. How have you trained them? (Are you rude or knowledgeable in your information)

Think of your affiliate marketing business or your job as an affiliate marker as a business that trains sales reps, in the form of articles you create that go out online to deliver your recommendations to people. MLM businesses have thrived on recruiting distributors en masse. The MLM companies make millions, even billions. Look at this the same way. Your articles are distributors of your message all over the internet, advertising for you. Write articles en masse! The more articles you have out on internet, the more money you make.

The bonus is that, the same article will be marketing for you for years and that is pure residual income!

With your affiliate marketing business, you can recruit as many distributors as you like (writing articles), who will go out there and speak to people and you don’t have to worry about it anything – you have the potential of creating a formidable organization.

Other businesses don’t even have the same potential as the affiliate marketer.

If you can see the potential here then you can go out there and create your own empire. Now you know how to create your own empire online!


No One Likes Selling Or Being Sold

We have all come across MLMs.

NO ONE likes selling. This is why the MLM company says to it’s distributors, “you are not selling, just sharing the product and the opportunity.” Bull Shit! At the end of the day we all need to sell to do any business! The difference is in how the selling  is done. Some selling is respectful to the potential customer and some is quite pushy. Think about the car salesman even the MLM distributor! – annoying! Selling doesn’t have to be a bad word. Just the methods of selling are!

Being pushy with relatives and friends, asking them to do you a favor is the worst and cruel kind of selling!

You can sell without stress of selling. And we all know that NO ONE likes to be sold.

Hence the benefit of affiliate marketing as an affiliate marketer. You don’t go out there selling. You just explain or write about how things work, compare products and make recommendations. That is marketing. It is helping people to find what they are looking for online

You MARKET – with respect, you help.

Marketing is respecful because the reader finds you through search, they are under no obligation to  anyone. They take or leave the suggestions as they please. They are not standing infront of a pushy sales person or a relative or friend where they feel obliged to say yes.

Your articles sell discretely and leave the prospective customer to make their own decision. THAT IS RESPECT. You have a respectful sales person in the form of your article. It gives the customer space.

Your physical presence is nowhere near your articles. You are back in the office hiring more ‘sales people’ (creating more articles) everyday, that will continue to go out there and represent your brand.

All you do is tell the ‘salespeople’ exactly what you want them to say and they obediently go out there and say it forever.


Now, what are you telling your sales people? Are you proud of the way they are representing your company? Do you think they are saying exactly what you intend?


You put your salespeople on internet, what are you teaching them to say? Think about this every time you write about something. Think of it as, you are training a salesperson to go out there and represent your band. Your article is your salesperson, in the true sense! Yes, it’s an article but it’s written by a person to speak to people, so it’s a salesperson speaking to people! The good thing is you are saved the pain and embarrassment of all rejections and disagreement.

I honestly believe this is the best way of communicating in sales.

Unfortunately becoming an affiliate marketer is not taught in schools or universities. You can go online to find videos relating to affiliate marketing and try to train yourself but this is not easy as you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

The other way is to find platforms that teach affiliate marketing. Once again you will find a lot of websites that promise to teach you how to be an affiliate marketer but they will give you half information and then find ways to make you pay for other services they don’t teach you. This is a scam prevalent in this industry.

The reason why this happens is because affiliate marketing is not regulated because there is no standard to measure the teaching since it is not in the education system.

There is one place, 100% legitimate, that teaches all you need to know about becoming an affiliate marketer under one roof for $49 a month. While this may seem like a lot of money, let us look at how much you get charged by other platforms in the industry so that you have a rough idea of what things actually cost.

SSL encryption on your site $50 per SSL Certificate per domain

Hosting – From $10 a year to thousands

Sales Funnels management – that runs into thousands 5 000, 10 000, 20 000 thousand to hundreds of thousands

SEO consultancy – $100 to $300 an hour

Business website Site maintenance – $35 to $1500 per month

This is just to name a few. There are more services to run a business website and this platform is an affiliate marketing industry leader and will teach you how to do all that stuff for yourself for a price range from $25 to $49 per month depending on what price plan you choose, with layers and layers of security for your site worth thousands of dollars per year.

This platform gives you training for all those services other platforms charge exorbitantly for only $49 a month. If you choose to pay yearly, it’s even cheaper. It works out to be $29 a month for the total of $359 yearly. You also have an option to pay $264 for six months. That works out to $39 a month.

Their price has not changed since the platform was founded in 2005. This is a 100% legitimate platform.

To learn more about this, CLICK HERE.

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