The BEST Free Website Builder

The BEST Free Website Builder

Find the best free website builder and create a website online for free!

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This article will cover all the above.

Do you wish to create that unique and amazing website for your project or business for free?

Website builders make it easy for you to create your own website for free and to have a feel of what website building is all about. Gone are the days when you needed to do a lot of complicated coding stuff to have a website. Nowadays, it’s a matter of a few clicks and within minutes you have your website up and ready to roll! The snippets of best free website builder reviews on here will help you to choose the best free website builder.

What is a Website builder?

There are two ways to website building – online and offline. I am just explaining this so that you understand things much clearer to know where you are going and not be confused by Internet jargon.

Offline website builder is software that runs on a computer and used to build website pages using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages) coding. This is more apt explained as website design software rather than website builder. Usually for web design professionals.

Online website builder is an online website building program provided by web hosting companies or platforms online. It does not require you to have experience with website building software or coding. The program does it for you.

It is what each web builder offers around their web builder that makes choosing a good online website builder a priority. Although building your website is offered for free, to use it you will be required to sign up with the website builder platform. You might as well give your email to one that is worth taking the step with. The online website builder is quick and easy to use.

So if you are looking to build your own website quickly with less fuss, in a matter of minutes, then what you need is an online website builder. To get a feel of how it is before you commit any funds to the project, a free online website builder is the way to go for you.

You also want to find a completely free website builder. Some free website builders will offer free packages but then put their adverts on your site, adverts that are completely irrelevant to what you want to have on your website. This may put off your readers. So choosing a totally free website builder that is also completely free of their ads is something to look for.

Support is also very important. What good is a free website that no one visits and you don’t have a clue or help as to what to do with it?


All free website builders have paid plans for extending services. The Free part is just an introduction to a website builder’s platform although you can actually stay a free member forever.

If your intention is to do business, you will find that at some point you will need more information for beefing up your website or business. It is therefore good to keep in mind what a free website builder will offer as an extension paid plan when you choose your free website builder. The reason for this is that at some point when you need more services, you don’t want to start running around to find another website service provider.

There is always a place you get to and find adequate solutions to what you want. Choosing the right free website builder at the beginning saves time and increases your chances of success. This is what I have considered with my number one recommendation.

The Internet is a sea of information, where do you begin?

sea of information

I will make the choice process easier for you.

Here are 10 free website builders for you to choose from, with my number one suggestion in tow. Let’s look at what their free packages offer.

1. SiteRubix at wealthy affiliate – a completely free website builder package – no ads on your site

Here is an online website builder that will walk the extra mile for you… FOR FREE. They don’t just give you a free website with no guidance. Their free package offers

    • Two Free Websites – the only platform that offers 2 free websites with their free package. Usually you are not very sure of what you want so with two free websites you get to try two ideas and see for real how it looks.                                                                                                                                                                              You have  an option to delete a website and start again. If you try your idea and you don’t like it, you just delete it and start again. Sometimes an idea is appealing in our mind but as soon as we create it we find that we don’t like it. So this platform gives you an opportunity to try out your ideas and delete them to start again if you don’t like them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            This really means that practically you have more than two free websites. You can start and delete as many times as you want till you have one that you really like that you can build into a solid blogging or business idea. NOWHERE else on the whole internet are you offered a package like this for free!
    • Your website is built on the WordPress framework! – Why is WordPress special?

What is WordPress about?

Just thought I should clear this up before we continue. What is WordPress for? I would say WordPress is the most powerful website content management system in existence today.

It is open source, that means it is available to everyone. It needs setting up. SiteRubix has the most knowledgeable experts that have taken the time to set this up to make life easy for everyone.

WordPress uses plugins. What is WordPress plugins? They are bits of software that extend the functionality and usefulness of your website. You can create virtually anything you have in mind for your website from e-commerce to just blogging.

You will find that when some people make reviews of the best free website builders they say that you need to think of what you want to build on your website. Things like e-commerce, membership, small business etc in order to choose a website builder best suited for your needs.

The WordPress framework built within SiteRubix makes this platform suitable for everything website related. So you don’t have to worry about that. Everything you need for your website is catered for.

Who uses WordPress? Ah, we are in great company! Fortune 500 companies, the likes of The New York times blogs, CNN’s on air personality and Mashable just to name a few big ones.
So at SiteRubix, just with the free membership you get a choice of 12 templates/themes to play around with to your heart’s content, delete and start again as many times as you like! It’s free playground for learning and practice, with loads of guidance!
I digress, let’s continue with what SiteRubix offers as a FREE package…

    • Free Hosting – I have expanded on the link there, on another post for they have state-of-the-art hosting that comes with complete security for your website.
    • Free 20 training guidelines for how to maximize your free website – this is NOT offered anywhere on the whole internet! Things like
      • Setting up your website
      • Choosing a niche
      • Understanding how to make money online plus much more!
    • Access to 2 out of 12 classrooms covering topics from lead generation, email marketing, e-commerce, SEO, drop shipping, local marketing etc. Just more information to guide you and to understand how businesses are built online.
    • The Site content feature – for you to organize your content. It comes with grammar and spell checking as well as beautiful optimized images! All this enhances your website. You don’t get this on any site builder for free!
    • Access to the state of the art Jaaxy keyword tool. You get lessons on how to maximize this special feature to help you bring visitors to your free website! All this for free! You would have to be a fool not to see any value in this!
    • You have access to live chat and instant support as a free member for the first week of signing up. This gives you an experience of the helpful community at wealthy affiliate. A community of hundreds of thousands members.
    • Last but not least you get training for guidance on what to do with a website. There is no point to get a free website that no one visits especially when you don’t know a thing about what to do with a website for it to bring you any results, be it an audience for your stories or making money with it.

For your first steps


Another ten steps for more guidance

wealthy-affiliate-completely-free- website=builder

The number one thing I like about wealthy affiliate is that you get a true feel of what the platform offers because you get to experience how the whole platform works without investing any money. You will see how much value there is in the platform.

The ability to ask questions, live chat, the community. Utilize the first week as a free member when you get to chat to members of the community and ask any questions through live chart. You can stay a free member forever with your two free websites. Or you can choose to become a paid member for more features.

If wealthy affiliate offers so much for free, what does it offer to it’s paid members! Nothing short of tools that definitely make you succeed online. To get what wealthy affiliate offers in full and to create your free account, click here.

2. Wix Free website builder – with Wix brand you get ads on your free website

Your Wix free website will have Wix adverts on your pages. This is what stopped me from choosing it. I saw Wix before I saw wealthy affiliate and this is the first thing I didn’t like. I like FREE stuff to be totally FREE. That shows me the total genuineness of a platform help. So this aspect of the Wix free website builder Wix gave me niggles!

 Wix’s free website builder offers

  • Free Hosting
  • Free Domain/website
  • Template
  • Limited storage with the free package
  • Limited bandwidth with the free package
  • no tech skills required
  • easy drag and drop editor

What I really don’t like

they put ads on your website

they have no live chat for support

3. Site 123 free website builder review – they have an add in your footer!

  • Free domain
  • free hosting
  • limited space 500MG
  • limited bandwidth 1GB
  • Ad banner of the site in footer!

4. WebsiteBuilder – website builder software reviews

  • Free domain,
  • drag and drop editor,
  • email address,
  • free templates,
  • hosting

Banner at the bottom of your website mmmmm?

5. Weebly – Weebly website, Weebly free websites

Drag and drop editor

Free domain name

Built-in SEO tools

They place their ad in the footer


6. 1&1

1&1 offer free 30 day trials for all their paid packages.

7. WebStarts – webstarts

free hosting

free domain

unlimited bandwidth

wide storage

8. SiteBuilder

Free domain

free hosting

Design templates

Drag and drop editor

9. Webs – webs builder, webs free website builder

  • free hosting
  • free domain
  • limited space
  • limited bandwidth

10. Ucraft – Ucraft online

free hosting

free domain

unlimited storage

unlimited bandwidth

As you can see, most free website builders will offer the bare bones, a free website, free hosting, free template or theme and drag and drop editor and the help kind of ends there. The other problem is that everything else is limited, like the number of web pages, storage, features and web building tools.
Add the annoying fact that most free web builders add their brand adverts on your free website! So really their free offer is not that free. Your website becomes more a platform for them to advertise their self!

You could say it’s a good sales strategy so that you quickly move to their paid services to get rid of the ads. But when you have a choice of a platform that offers a totally free website builder with no annoying adverts on your site and offering a way better package than the rest, why would you bother with those that take advantage of you by putting ads on your free site and offering you minimum and sometimes non-support? When a service is advertised as free let it be completely FREE.

My number one choice is SiteRubix at wealthy affiliate.

If you are new to building websites with no experience at all, the platform to choose is SiteRubix because it’s

  • Easy to use and not mysterious at all. When you register as a free member you have step by step guidance of how everything works. You have a whole week access to members of the community on live chat that you can ask for help. You get exposed to all about the platform. As a newbie you will have members to hold your hand and show you where to go and what to do to have a wonderful website. You will have gentle and patient guidance to manage your website. A friendly, positive environment with training and support.
  • A space where you don’t just get a website but you get guidance to understand, step by step, gently and patiently, what you are doing and what is involved in building your website, the easiest way that anyone can understand, even when you don’t know anything about creating or building a website.

I have given more information on the whole platform that created SiteRubix so that you have a full picture before you give their free offer a test drive.


If you have any question or something you would like to let us know about, please use the comments section below and we will get back to you.


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