Is OraMoney Club A Scam or Not – Did They Pay You

Is OraMoney Club A Scam or Not – Did They Pay You


Is OraMoney Club a scam or not?

Have you not been paid your money by OraMoney Club?

OraMoney Club is a PTC site. PTC means paid to click. This means a website that recruits people and pays them for clicking on and viewing adverts.

To register an advert that has been viewed, a person has to enter a code. This code registers the view on the advertiser’s site to show that people are viewing their advert. A bit like the captcha, to show that real people are viewing the adverts.


The advertiser has paid for visitors to their site. This is supposed to raise chances to sell to the people viewing the adverts but scam sites recruit people for a different agenda and the way they go about it renders the whole process useless.

The PTC website promises people a lot of money just to view ads. So these people come in for the money and not to view ads or to buy anything from the advertiser.


In online business terms this group of viewers to the advertiser’s site is pointless because they are lured by promises of huge sums of money and do not even look at the advert. They go for the code, type it in and go to the next so that they click as many codes as possible, to earn more money.

If you are one of these advert viewers, you are just a pawn in the PTC site’s game! You are being used by a PTC site, in this case, OraMoney Club site, to pull some wool over advertisers’ eyes. In the end advertisers pay the PTC site for nothing and you spend time on your computer for nothing too because the scam PTC site does not pay you.

6 Obvious Signs of PTC Site Scammers Online

I will expand on these signs one by one after the list, so that you can really see how they scam. I believe knowing what to look for is the best to keep you safe online in that you are armed to vet any site before you become part of their program.



A promise to pay through Western Union – Ha!

This one is hilarious, really ridiculous! I will tell you why shortly but first let me show you evidence of this, lest you think I am telling fibs. Have a look at that last question, question number 4.

Using western union as a form to be paid is an age-old fact that scammers use, but I have never known a PTC site to offer this as a means to pay people, it’s the first one of its kind for me and ridiculous. Promising to pay people through western union?!

Imagine a PTC site Sending money through western union, be it in person, online, through an app, whatever, it is not free and there are details to fill in for each individual that make this process cumbersome for a company to undertake as a form of payment to many people. Are they prepared to pay for the cost of sending money to each individual requiring to receive cash through western union?

This is an obviously impossible proposal meant to draw in everyone they can convince to work for them for nothing. Just this, in itself, is a sure sign that they don’t intend to pay anyone.

Money offered for the opportunity is unreasonably high

Why do I say unreasonably high? As far as I know, scam PTC sites do not have contracts with reputable companies that pay well for advertising on their site, so they have few adverts they show viewers over and over again. There is no way, from whatever little money they get from those advertisers, who probably want visitors to their sites to push the Alexa rank, there is no way they will have the kind of money they promise to pay.

They also promise to pay a referrer 50% of the referral’s earnings! That is a huge cost to the PTC site and where do they get this extra money from, to pay that extra 50%, as this is not coming from viewing ads and all referrals sign up for free. So where does the 50% extra to pay a referrer come from?


They ask you to pay them money in order for them to let you withdraw the money you have earned!

I have one word for this! Absurd!

This is where they get your cash for FREE. Another huge sign of a scam. You don’t get paid for working hard but here you don’t just lose in terms of not being paid, you lose much more than your money, your eyesight is strained from hours of watching your computer screen, your health is affected from all that radiation from hours in front of the computer, and your time is wasted for nothing, your electricity for running the computer – All for nothing!! haiwaiwatikoloshabbbggggsh!!! What do you want me to say!

This is disgusting.

A legitimate PTC site pays something like $0.02 per click and something like from $50 to $200 a month. On a legitimate site, you work for very little because they can’t afford to pay out huge sums of money. It has to make business sense.

The Owner Of A scam PTC Site Is Nowhere In Sight

Ofcourse they have to hide! There is danger as, at some point, people will want their money. Scammers are always on the run or in hiding. Usually they put fake addresses and fake phone numbers or non at all. A little search will show you that their details are fake or non-existent.

People complain that they are not paid what they are owed.

You go to a scam site and you will see huge lists with strange names of people who have been paid each day but never a single face to the claim. Don’t look at the evidence of payment on their site, look at the evidence right in front of you. What are people saying in the comments sections where the issue is discussed outside the PTC website? There you will see the truth.

Lack of product or service

Really, there is no product or service to generate the huge amounts of cash being offered to all those people. So where will the money come from to make the payments? This is obviously a scam. You will never be paid.
With this I rest my case.


Is OraMoney Club a scum or not? Yes it is – beyond any doubt! It has all the six signs and more!

Is OraMoneyClub A Scam or Not on Biteable.


When it’s time for you to withdraw your money, you get hit with conditions…
You are asked to pay them $10 to withdraw your money and they tell you that you need 40 referrals to your account to get paid. If you don’t have any referrals they offer to sell them to you for an extra $9! Sounds like a little to pay and this is why people will pay without thinking.


Once again, let’s do the math. One million people paying $10 and the $9. $19 x 1 million? The figures add up to a handsome sum.

Here is the thing, when you pay those amounts you get stories like you have to wait up to 3 months to get paid and at some point your account gets blocked! Sounds unbelievable? Yes, but true! Please don’t part with your money and stop letting other people waste your time. You can put it to better use. Transfer your efforts to build your own fortune instead.


As if all the above is not enough, there is an answer about tax that I also found as a blatant indication of a scam on the oramoney club site.


In that screen-shot, look at Rebirth’s question and the answer from OraMoney club admin. Any legitimate and responsible online business will NEVER answer the tax question that way. This is supposed to be an international business and the world population pays tax at different rates in accordance with a country’s rules.


This person at oramoney club site, thinks everyone pays tax the same way. A clueless business person doing business at international level and so tell me, why would you do business with them? Looking at the widespread sites of this kind, this means this is a scam stemming from one point, from a clueless person whose agenda is to get people’s money and run.


When we go for the 9 – 5 jobs, we get busy building someone else’s dream for real payment in return. The money we get paid may not be sufficient for our needs BUT we get paid for our time and effort. With oramoney club, your time, health and effort are spent building another’s dream for NOTHING in return! In-fact you could even lose some cash if you fall for the withdrawal bait.

The fact that you are reading this is a sure sign that you are looking for ways to make money online or maybe you have been scammed. Either way, you are business minded at heart and looking for something authentic.


I have something better to show you for the same effort, and you will build YOUR OWN dream. The only difference is that I will not and am not promising you quick money, but an opportunity to start and build a solid business online that you can keep forever.

Would you like to start your own business online? Where results are guaranteed over time if you follow the training to the T and do tasks at the end of each lesson. A community of over a million business people will be there to help and support you. Imagine being shown how to do it by people who are already successful in business, some of them millionaires. What is that Chinese proverb? ‘To get true directions ask those on the way back.’


The one who knows the path is the one who has walked along it.


If you are lazy and looking for a quick buck, this is not the place for you. Keep moving, looking for more sites to scam you.


What am I offering you here?


I am offering you a chance to start your own business online without a scam. You will learn all the ropes under one roof.

It is FREE to become a member But later, when you really like what you find you can choose to become a paying member. Please note that I said, “…you can choose to become a paying member.” It’s a choice, you are not required to pay and neither will you be forced to do so. You can remain a free member for life and keep building your business that way.


If you are ready to work hard to become a success then click on the banner below to have more information before becoming a member. It is the most reasonable thing to do. In fact, it is the way forward.




Have you been scammed by oramoney club? Tell us your story in the comments section below. Your comment will help other people. Let us work together to help people keep their hard-earned money.


8 thoughts on “Is OraMoney Club A Scam or Not – Did They Pay You”

  1. Hi Danielle,
    Thanks for your briefing. I’m standing at USD 3,511 and have been waiting from 6 months but my account status is still not approved. I have already stopped wasting my time over there. Can we report the advertisers about this scam to ban the site. The advertisers of those they are mentioning on the site. It will help to eradicate the time of new comers.
    Waiting for your response.
    Muhammad Fahim

    • As you have been waiting for a long time, 6 months, and have not been paid, surely this indicates the site is not paying out as per their promise. It is similar to all the sites that have been scamming people. These sites are everywhere promising to pay people but never do.

  2. hello friends i am using oza months from 2 months i earn 100 dollars when i withdraw money company say u must have 150 dollar on first time then i earn 150 dollar and wana to withdraw company say first refer 40 people after that u can withdraw i refer 49 people and earn 700 dollars and now company say your account is not registered wait 30 to 60 days

  3. Hi!
    thanks for your time to inform people.
    I saw a similar site some days ago that was suggested to me by a friend. you can add it to your list of scam sites:

    otomoney .win

    • Otomoney .win is definitely a scam, it’s one of the pesky scam sites. They do ask members to invite family and friends and it’s easy to be scammed as we trust our friends. We will do a write up of otomoney win. Thank you.

  4. Hi Danielle,

    Yes, do indeed run for your money! These people will nick-a-penny from their own Grannies purses because they are that bad – no remorse!

    Their scamming is occurring on many fronts and Google is but one. I have seen adverts on LinkedIn and Job Sites. They love to haunt YouTube as well with their lies of excellent money for zero skilled work.

    The scammers will even spam other peoples videos about their sites with their scam links. Where you see this happening simply report them as SPAM to YouTube and then do a video on their nonsense – hehe.

    There are excellent ways to make money online but not by clicking on an ad and getting a paid huge sums in no time. It takes time to build up such monies, and as people wake up and realize having your own website is the best way forward, can build a real and solid financial foundation for their own futures.

    So, Western Union, PayPal and the like would never damage their own reputation by dealing with such sites. Actually, Google Adsense are moving right away from such sites and this is the reason why you never see any ads on their PTC Scam sites.

    Good luck to those that do not heed this warning contained in this article – you really will only have yourself to blame if you continue along this course of action. If you are still asking if oramoney club is a scam – then, I am afraid, you have missed the point entirely.

    Great Work Danielle 🙂 and I am looking forward to many more of your works.



    • Hi Philip!

      I totally agree with you, yes, it takes time and effort to build a successful business. Chasing after sites like oramoney club will get people nowhere as this is a scam. I know we live in an age of chasing after instant gratification but we ain’t going far with this.

      Lol! You made me laugh with that very first statement! “They will nick-a-penny from their grannies!!!”

      I can’t believe they are on linkedIn too. They will stop at nothing and their scamming is so blatant! How have they survived since 2014?

      It’s brilliant that Google Adsense distances itself from such, as it would be so wrong for these scams to get paid for advertising their scam.

      Thank you for taking the time to pass by Philip.

      See you when you come back again.


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