Is kremoney win fake, a scam or legit – Be Informed

Is kremoney win fake, a scam or legit – Be Informed


Is kremoney win fake, a scam or legit, read on to find out?

Kremoney win is one of the viewing paid advertising sites from a scam network which they call paid advertising viewing system and actually the network calls it viewing payed advertising sites.

The Questions you probably have are, What is kremoney win? Is kremoney win a scam or not? Is kremoney win legit? Is kremoney win fake? Does kremoney win pay? How do I withdraw my money from kremoney win?  We shall embark on answering the question, is kremoney win fake, a scam or legit for you.

To determine if kremoney win is a scam or not we are going to look into

  • Identity
  • Payment Method
  • Do they pay people
  • Can people withdraw their money

Kremoney win is a PTC, paid to click, site and part of a network scam that started in 2014. It looks like that very first of these sites.

  • Website – kremoney . site
  • Viewing Payed Advertising Sites kremoney . site   
  • viewing of paid advertising site
  •  Owner – unknown.
  • I did not know about the existence of these scam sites until one of them scammed a friend of mine. When I did a search, found that they were all over the Internet. Different domain name of the same scam. Get it from me, they will never pay you your money if you are working them! The payment information they show on their page is all fake and record over the years show they do not pay. Keep reading and you will see what they do or have always done.

PTC sites pay people to view adverts from advertisers and should pay them from that money the advertisers pay them. This is the business model of viewing paid advertising sites that kremoney win advertises, but they don’t do that.

Here is the kremoney win scam twist to this,the rest of these scam sites do the same!.

Kremoney win show that they pay 50 people around $400 each, a day on average. They have no limit as to how many people can come on board kremoney win to be paid around $400 a day.?

Let’s do the maths and see kremoney win’s offer

  • In reality, an advertiser will pay $1 for 500 clicks.
  • So one dollar divided by 500 clicks = 0.2 (this is a fraction of a cent per click that the advertiser pays for).
  • Now kremoney win says it will pay you 10 cents per click. 9.98 cents more than money coming in from the advertiser,? – ridiculous!

Let’s look at kremoney win’s site page,

  • From kremoney win’s figures on their page, they paid 50 people about $400 each in a day
  • so 50 x 400 = 20 000
  • $20 000 dollars a day, that comes to 20k x 30 for the month = $600 000 paid out to 50 people only.
  • What will they pay out to 100 people per month? $600 000 x 2 = $1 200 000. One million, two hundred thousand!
  • Can you see how impossible this offer is? Advertisers don’t pay that kind of money. NEVER! How much will their business be making for them to pay millions just for advertising?

There is obviously no business going on here but scam, kremoney win is using those high figures just to pull you in. All kremoney win says is a lie to get round to scamming you! The lie starts right there on kremoney win’s site’s first page and everything else that follows is a lie and they are never going to pay you. If I am wrong here, come back with absolute proof and prove me wrong in the comments section of this kremoney win review.

On the other hand, if you have been scammed by kremoney win or any of the scammy sites, share your story in the comments so that we can help others with information.

They are not philanthropists,kremoney win are in this for business and are about keeping their money. They will ask you to pay $10 to withdraw the money that you earn with them, why not get it from the balance they owe you at kremoney win!

Where would kremoney win get all that money they promise to pay you anyway, and why are they appearing so generous like this when advertisers don’t pay them that mush?

Sometimes when we really need money, we easily get attracted to offers like this.

A closer look at kremoney win shows a pattern similar to older sites that have since disappeared on internet. Is this some form of a racket or maybe a scammer franchise and kremoney win is one of these? These sites are all over the internet and in different languages, English, German and Russian, kremoney win is part of this scam network.

Here is a site for you to look check if a site is secure – click here

As an example, SoxMoney club has been around for more than 9 months old and a complete scam, not paying people and kremoney win, shows all signs of the scam as shown below.. Let’s have a look at the support page for both kremoney win and soxmoney club



Now, kremoney win’s support page, like all the other pages, is an exact copy of the one above except for the site names, see image below.


This is proof that kremoney win is part of the viewing paid advertising system scam, they are the same scammers and the scamming surely follows with each new site, so please be careful

Below is a list of some of those sites that I have reviewed and from it you will have a little glimpse of the scam network that kremoney win is a part of

  1. utemoney site
  2. Elamoney Bid
  3. Ammoney Bid
  4. Edmoney Win
  5. Ubemoney Site
  6. Ebomoney Win
  7. Owmoney Site
  8. Abamoney Bid
  9. Oramoney Club

Kremoney win and Obvious signs of scam PTC sites, use them to protect yourself.



The Scam Network and kremoney win

The sites scam people and then they disappear after a year before it gets really bad for them and then open another site, kremoney win will follow suite. Heymoney club, another one of these, shut down and left people looking for ways to get their money. They scammed people and went out of the show quickly and there are many more of these, all looking like kremoney win. Videos on YouTube show people trying to figure out how to get their money from these siteswhen too late!


Contacting kremoney win?

The problem is, on all those sites, you never get proper channels for communication and that goes for kremoney win too. There is no one responsible for any arising issues at kremoney win. If you try to contact support or call any provided number at kremoney win, you get nowhere.


Does kremoney win Pay?

What is kremoney win’s offer when you view adverts

  • When you earn $150 you qualify for withdrawal
  • You can earn from $50 to $300 in a day
  • Up to $4800 in one month
  • Withdrawal of funds within an hour of request

When you work hard to hit your target at kremoney win and it’s time to withdraw your money, instead of the instant withdrawal as promised you will be hit with conditions like…


  • You have to wait for 30 – 90 days – this will be a total surprise to you
  • you need to have 40 referrals in your account, if not, they can sell you referrals for $9 – another surprise
  • They say you can pay $10 to fast track your withdrawal
  • You may be asked to make payment using BTC, BitCoin, because BitCoin payment can’t be traced back to them! They give their bank details willy-nilly. Watch out when you are asked to pay through unorthodox means. They don’t want a traceable record.
  • $10 may not be much but remember you are spending hours working on the computer for them to be paid by advertisers, you are using your time and electricity, straining your eyes, and all this for nothing because in the end you don’t get paid! They trick you, instead, to pay them $10 to withdraw your money – but this withdrawal never happens either!

When you fulfill the above, you get blocked from your kremoney win account. You also get reasons like, kremoney win or our system is down blah blah blah.’

Kremoney win Payment method

If kremoney win asks for payment in Bitcoin account, this is to ensure that whatever transactions made cannot be traced back to kremoney win, this is a sign of a scam. kremoney win mentions western union as one of their payment methods to make you believe that they will do everything possible to make sure you get paid. This is not true.

Like the rest of the network sites, kremoney win will follow suit to defraud you like its sister sites. We have proved above that the content on kremoney win is exactly the same as the other scam network sites except for the name.

Kremoney win and your bank details

Do not give kremoney win your bank details, please – chances are they will….

  • Sell your details to other scammers and you will have
  • A problem of identity theft
  • Infect your computer with malware to try to get your personal details

Find some more information on how to spot a fake scam site here.

If you have given kremoney win your bank details, as a matter of urgency please contact your bank immediately and inform them.

So, is kremoney win fake, a scam or legit – it definitely is a scam!

A Better Way to do business online without kremoney win

For the same effort and the same hours you spend on your computer working for kremoney win and for nothing, you can actually build a legitimate and solid business online, working with real people that you can see and communicate with, this is a platform called wealthy affiliate.

  • You will have your own business online
  • Have everything you need under one roof, tools, guidance and training
  • Step by step easiest way to learn how

Kremoney win vs Wealthy affiliate

I have given you what kremoney win will do and now I give you what wealthy affiliate can do to help you to start your own business online thanks to William J Tobin who started the affiliate business model in 1989.

There is a better way to do business online than with kremoney win, you can actually build your own website for free and get taught about making money online.

It is better to learn how to earn good money legitimately and then you can slowly grow into a proper and successful business man or woman, this is something that sites like kremoney win will never teach you.

Quick money rarely exists, so offers in abundance from kremoney win are fake! If you want to benefit quickly you will always run into those scams like kremoney win.

Starting in business online

Our #1 recommendation to learn how to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn the legitimate secrets, and easy ways to make money online and you can start for free as well! Wealthy Affiliate is an authority in the affiliate marketing industry and you will also learn how to sell your own products and services if that is what you want to do.

4 Easy Steps To Make Money Online Besides kremoney win


Start in business online through the Wealthy Affiliate online platform, it covers everything.

  • From building a website for free
  • and learning how to find keywords
  • how to write good content for a website, the easier way
  • having the wealthy affiliate community by your side 24/7 for support,
  • learning how to rank high in google and getting direct visitors to your website for free
  • and the process of making money online through your website!


What Wealthy Affiliate will do for you or teach you that kremoney win will never do for you.

  • Little steps to learn, making it easy to understand everything
  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choosing your market
  • Building a website for that market
  • Setting the website up
  • Getting that website ready to be found by visitors on internet
  • Learning how to market to your market through writing content
  • Creating menus on your website
  • Learning to find words that people use, to search for what they want
  • This will give you a basic idea of what happens on the internet instead of the way you might fall for scams online.

Begin building your business now, click on the button below!  $0 to start and no credit card required. You have nothing to lose, if you create a free account and find that you do not like what you find there then all you have to do is leave but I can assure you that most people get there and find that it is such a good platform and stay. Some are millionaires now. Wouldn’t you like such a story?

If you have been scammed and want to tell us about kremoney win use the comment section below. Your comments will help many others who have been or might be scammed by kremoney win but better still I would say it’s better to start your own business online. Seeing as it’s Free, really, why not – it’s much much better than to waste time chasing scam sites like kremoney win.

Is kremoney win fake, a scam or legit? kremoney win is definitely a scam, please stay away!




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