How To Start My Own Business Website – All You Need To Know

How To Start My Own Business Website – All You Need To Know

How to start my own business website.

Are you thinking; “How do I start my own business website?” and you probably see yourself burning the midnight oil doing what you like and getting rich! Wonderful picture and very possible too.

We have been there – wanting to start a business website and not knowing where to start

Lets take this step by step so that you understand clearly what you have to do

First, do you have an idea of what business you want to start?

This helps in that you can roughly have an idea of what you want to call it.

This is an exciting part but I suppose creating anything new is always exciting? So what do you want to call your website?

Here is how to come up with a good website name

  • Make it short
  • Easy to remember
  • Don’t copy anyone’s website name or company – they may sue you or stop you from having your business
  • Most easy names are taken so try to come up with your own unique name
  • Make combinations of sounds or names to create your own unique name
  • Namemesh is a website resource, to help you to come up with cool website names and to check if the names you come up with are already taken
  • Think of upbeat names, like try to imagine how people will feel when they hear your website name. Is it easy to remember?
  • This is a name you are going to work with for a long time so make it special and enjoy the journey!
  • It all starts with a name

When you have a name, it’s time to find a registrar of website names. Website names are also called ‘domain names’ as an online or internet term. So now you need to find a domain registrar to register your domain name. It costs between $10 to $15 a year to have your domain registered.

Registering a website name is the same as having a business address. This is what people type on internet to find your business.

When you have registered your domain or business website name, you now need to find a host. A host is like a landlord – somewhere to rent for your business online.


Hosting costs vary depending on what packages a host offers for the hosting. A host provides space online for your website and may offer things like

  • Security for your website, that is, protecting it from hackers
  • How much space – some give a few pages and others give more
  • Website based email allowance – some give limitless allowance, others just one and others will make you pay extra for this
  • Training on what do to with a business website – most, almost all hosts don’t give this training – there is one platform though that is all-inclusive. I will give you the link to it later.
  • Virus and Malware Protection
  • Powerful servers – this is the software where your website is hosted
  • Managed and automated website monitoring

Hosts have a website builder and this builder files your website through software on servers so that it is available online.

Here is a screenshot of the process to build your website

First you have the following optionshow-to-start-my-own-business-website

  1. On a Free Domain. Some web hosts offer you free websites and so you have the option to have your website built with the option of the free website.
  2. On A domain I own. This is an option offered to those that have already registered or bought their own domain.
  3. Register a Domain. This is the option to buy or register your domain or website name first before proceeding to have it built.

On that 3rd step you register and pay for your website first and then choose the second option, to have your site built on a domain you own. Most web hosts are website registrars as well.

Clarifying the term… building a website, for beginners

The website building process, referred to above, is about putting your website files on a server so that it can be registered on internet. Some beginners get confused about building a site. There are two things to look at. There is building a site to make it available on internet and then there is building a site, that is, adding information, so that visitors can find what you sell on internet. The process I am showing you now is the first one – the process of your website files going on a server so that it’s registered on internet.


The next steps to building your website

You will fill in details of your domain name and how you want your website title to be as follows



Step 4 asks you to choose a design. Choosing from many designs happens with a few generous website hosts. Most will just give you a design or two to choose from and some just allocate one to you. Imagine if you don’t like the design? The thought is, how to start my own business website. You want to be able to customise it as much as you like.

What are website designs?

Website designs are how you want your website to be arranged or look like. Some call them themes.

Here is a screenshot of some different designs or themes.


When you have completed this final step, an option will come up that says, “Build My website”

When you click on that option the host builds your website and it will now be available for you to work on.

The internet term or name for the host’s software to build your website is called ‘A Website Builder’ This builder builds your website onto a server. Different website builders come with different packages depending on the host. Things like

  • Website designs
  • Website feature odd ons sometimes called plugins
  • WHO IS privacy protection
  • Advanced DNS management
  • Domain Security
  • 24/7 Site Support
  • Instant set-up
  • Site speed
  • SSL Certificate – for website encryption security


Most hosts on internet will offer you a free website and their site builder will register and build your site and that is the only free service you get. Any other things you have to pay for as extra costs.

Almost all except for one or two hosts on the whole internet will show you or train you on what to do with the website to succeed in business.

With most hosts you register your site with them and host your site with them and then go out and find experts to do other stuff for you on your website to make it a successful business.

These experts or professionals are expensive. They will charge you thousands to do this for you.

So far, there is one platform that is ALL INCLUSIVE AND MUCH, MUCH MORE. It will register, build and train you how to be successful and how to build your website, the second step, and show you how to build a thriving business.

This platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Most hosts don’t offer training for the second step – on how to build your website. You will get offers for free websites from all hosts. What makes a huge difference is, knowing what to do with the website. There is no point in having a free website from a host who does not show you what to do with it to turn it into a thriving business.

So hosts will offer you a free website to lure you to pay for more sells for their other services. Usually incomplete too because they are designed to get as much from you and keep you totally dependent on what more they can up sell to you. That means paying much more for things you can get reasonably priced in a good platform.

All hosts have something to sell somewhere down the line. What you have to know is, is what they offer good enough for you to succeed and at what cost. And most important do they train you so that you can do most tasks on your own and save your money for other stuff in your life?

Wealthy affiliate will, like the rest of the hosts offer you not one but two free websites but it walks an extra mile for the free members. It gives training on what to do next for free.

Training like

  • how to register your domain
  • How to build your website
  • Setting up your website to be found on google
  • How to map your direction – choosing your niche ( a niche is a group of people looking for stuff)
  • How to create content on your website
  • Understanding how to make money online

Here is a screenshot for the free lessons


The free lessons give you orientation to having a business online. There is NO OTHER host on the whole internet that offers you this.

The free lessons are really free, no credit card details asked, and you get 2 free websites to practice. You practice for as long as you like with the option to delete a free website and start all over again till you know what you are doing then you can choose to go for the advanced training or stay a free member – it’s all up to you.

Two free websites are really necessary to a beginner because you are not sure about a lot of things and so you can have one website for adding things you are sure about and don’t want to delete and the other for just trying things out to see how they work.

You will find that at the outset you will change your mind a lot and so you will build and delete ideas a lot. It’s just part of learning and wealthy affiliate provides the playground for that learning till you are ready to take it a step further. There is nothing like this offer on the whole internet.

There is no obligation with the wealthy affiliate free membership. You can learn all that is offered for free and leave. The knowledge you get is for life and you learn skills that you keep for life.

Being on the platform is easy because in the first week as a free member you have access to the experts, professionals and business minded community members to point the way for you and they are extremely helpful.

Here is how to create your free account

It’s Easy To Create Your FREE Account At Wealthy Affiliate

  • Click on the red button below
  • Fill in details to create your FREE Account
  • Once inside wealthy affiliate write a short introduction of yourself on your profile and add a profile pic – this is important because…
  • Wealthy affiliate is about real people and real businesses. When you introduce yourself on your profile, community members can see you are a real person and you will get more assistance. When you don’t fill in your profile you will be like the scammers or scam sites, just another hide-and-seek kind of person and NOT MANY will pay much attention to you or assist you.
  • If you are uncomfortable about adding your real picture you can add one of the ones provided, can be your favorite thing, bird, animal, car, flower or the sea AND THEN add a few words about yourself on your profile.
  • You will get used to the platform and see how genuine it is and will be comfortable adding your real image at some point.
  • Tell people a bit about yourself on your profile, so that members have an idea of how to be of assistance to you.
  • Finally, roughly 30 minutes after becoming a member you will get a message on your profile with guidance on where to start – begin your exciting new journey and I wish you success!

With that answer to, how to start my own business website…





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