How To Create A Website For Dummies – You Are The Collector

How To Create A Website For Dummies – You Are The Collector

How to create a website for dummies.

Life online has become simpler and anyone can create a website. The trick is to find a legitimate platform to show you how. Read on to start creating your own website.

The Collector creates the value and that value creates money on a website. This presentation of creating a website for dummies will help to guide you to create your own website from a platform that can help anyone from any background, to create a website.

Collecting builds character. When you collect you bring things together. It is a processes

Jim Rohn said, “Strive to become a millionaire, not for the money but for what you will become” It’s a process.

Here is how it goes.

Everything is about energy that vibrates at different levels. One proof of this is in movement. When you walk the body express one form of energy. And when you run the body express another form of energy. In both cases, that energy shapes the body into a different shape to the original. It may become thin, or muscular, all in accordance to the vibration. Were you vibrating at running or walking?

The vibration of the river rolls the rocks and forms them into different shapes. It’s a process.

As we vibrate, we are shaped into different forms. As we vibrate and so we become. Become a millionaire, not for the money but for what you become. This is what makes it worth it.

And so it is with all things in life. You are the collector and in the process you become. As you vibrate you are collecting some form of energy. When you collect what you like, you are wrapping about you the energy of your success. It may be a physical collection but it does build you towards a certain beingness. This is what creates strength and character. Collect and be!


What do you collect? What vibration do you choose? That is your niche. Your niche is your vibration, what shape will it take? It is a process.







How To Build A Business Website

Every process of collecting, shapes you into something.


Every process of collecting, shapes you into something. Like the stone at the bed of the river you are slowly molded into a smooth shape. Collect your thoughts, put them into one place, on a website and slowly mold yourself into that which you were meant to be. As in the process of the stone rolling down a river, you slowly get rounded and become of distinct character. You become and you can take it a step further…

Find a place that will help you to put those thoughts together in the form of a website and soon you become another form of collector through those collected thoughts. You begin Collecting Money!



Do you see how this is? We are collectors.

We are all into the process of collecting. Even the lazy person is in the process of collecting lazy energy. Soon they will have so much of that lazy energy they can’t be bothered to do anything and we all see this energy in a certain body form or shape. It’s rude to say fat isn’t it!

Begin your own process of collecting. What are you passionate about? Collect, collect, collect – in your mind. Formulate it into something meaningful. This is called a niche.

A niche is a collection of people interested in the same thing. A niche is a collection of thoughts going in the same direction. So when you choose to collect your thoughts on that niche, you are choosing to align with those many thoughts. Create a website about it and then you start collecting money. It’s a simple process. The only technique you require, is knowing how to create that website with guidance. There is ONLY ONE PLACE that will FULLY help you to do this on the whole internet..




Start collecting your thoughts. What niche would you like to pursue? Tell us in a comment below. If you would like to talk about your niche some more before creating a website for it, join our group on Facebook and send a message for more discussion about your niche.


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2 thoughts on “How To Create A Website For Dummies – You Are The Collector”

  1. Hi Danielle,

    This is such a wonderful understanding for any process in life. This can easily be applied to making a website and molding it into an online financial success story!

    This is a great introduction to anyone that is interested in knowing how to create a website. I was there once myself and would not have been able to do it without the training I have found online. Even the advanced affiliate marketer/website owner will learn so much if the knowledge is shared inside a real affiliate marketing platform. Such knowledge is sold online for many $$$$s via webinars etc and really is only a sales pitch to something very expensive.

    No one needs to part with half their bank balance to earn online, that kinda defeats the point 🙂 .

    Of course, you have wix, godaddy and the like giving away free websites, but, they don’t do anything for you after that. Sure, you may perhaps be able to buy your own dot com but that yearly price may raise in time. Then, you will have to buy your own WHOIS protection (personal info protection) for additional $$S. Do you know where they give this WHOIS Protection for Free Danielle?

    I love this site as it is always packed full of useful ways to get started online.

    – Philip.

    • Hi Philip

      I totally agree with you – there are some things that we can apply to one area of life but soon we realize it’s actually a life principle that we can apply as a basic to most areas of our lives.

      Most platforms and websites give very little value for anything they offer for free. Free really isn’t free at all and like you said it’s always a prelude to a very expensive up-sell.

      To answer your question – I have never come across anywhere online where they offer the WHOIS Protection for free except at Wealthy Affiliate. They walk that extra mile for the members which is so unique. Most platforms online are just after money and nothing else. Even the value they give for that money is questionable. I haven’t found a place that gives so much like wealthy affiliate.

      Thank you for passing by Philip


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