Create a business website for free

Create a business website for free

How to create a business website for free.



Dare to dream!


Finding a way to create a business website for free is the smart thing to do especially if you are not yet sure about how you can build a business website.

Doing business online is still new to most people that they are still trying to find a way around it. So I am not surprised that most people want to know how to build a business website for free. It is better to start something you don’t know much about for free. That way you get to see what is involved before you commit to spending your money on it.

I will tell or show you where you can create a business website for free and you will even have free training to go with it!


You will learn how to

  • Build your business website for free
  • Set up your website
  • Organizing your direction
  • Getting your site ready so it can be found on internet
  • Learn how to put content on your website
  • Learn how to make money through the website

When I started working online I didn’t know how to set up a business website especially for free and so I decided I would try to find where to learn how to create a business website for free. That way I didn’t have to spend money before I knew what I was doing.

I went with anything that came up offering me a free website. I soon realized that most services that offered a free website had drawbacks. Some added unwanted adverts on my free site which were totally unrelated to what I wanted to do. This was a huge turn off for me and I thought if I am put off so much about it, how about a visitor to my site who will see those unrelated adverts. It’s annoying and I didn’t want to have that on my website.

The other thing is that almost all free website services gave me no direction of how to maximize my website. I ended up with a free website that I didn’t know what to do with. What is the point of having a free business website that I couldn’t do much with. I soon realized that the free website was just the carrot so that the website builder site can market its expensive other services to me. Very clever, they know that me and my free website will soon realize we are going nowhere and need help and who to turn to other than the specific free website provider! A bit of arm twisting there.

The problem is that there are a lot of platforms that offer free websites. Too numerous to mention here in this post. Instead, you can find my list of the 10 best free website builders here.

Alternatively you can have a look at a review I made of a platform that I am a part of, that genuinely gives not one but two websites for free. Yes, they do offer a premium membership for their other benefits on their platform too. This is how it goes online. No website builder offers a free website without an extension of paid services. The only difference is in the service and guidance offered.



Why Create A Business Website For Free?

When you are starting out, you need to try your hand at something and have the flexibility to try, try and try again till you are confident enough to build something permanent and solid.

A service that can offer you a free website with the ability to play around setting up your website is the best choice.  Most people want a website but they are clueless as to what to do with it. I WAS the same.

Build Your Website

It used to be so difficult to build a website. We all needed to know difficult codes to have a website on the internet. Now its an almost instant process. Just a few steps and a few clicks and you will have your business website built and ready to be online. Just three steps

  1. Think of your website name
  2. Register it
  3. The site builder builds the website for you and ready to use.

It is a simple process and most website builders will make these steps pretty straightforward for you. Nothing to worry about at this point.

However, this is almost where the problem starts. You have a website, FOR FREE, then what?

Basic Steps for a good website

There is a need to set up a website a certain way so that it has its functionality set. For example making sure the site is set up to add images in the good size, optimized images, and also setting it up so that it can be on internet in the most efficient way.

Most places that offer free websites don’t give tips or guidance to how to do this. They will offer it as a paid service instead.

Setting Up Your Direction

It is so easy to think of what you want to do as a business in general but there is a fine line between doing business and really doing business, like selling clothes and really selling clothes. it is one thing to display merchandise, that is selling, and another having merchandise in the customer’s bag from the display, that is selling too! There is a need to have guidance as to how one can really sell clothes instead of it being a dream idea one has in their mind. It is good to dream but it is very good to know how to set that dream on internet.


Setting Your Site Ready so It can be found on internet


Having your shop at the entrance of a busy shopping mall will have everyone who passes by seeing your products. This is a spot we as business people fight for. Now, knowing how to place your website at the top of the search engines is every business person’s dream. This is a service most people pay thousands for online. A free website without the knowledge of how to place your website where people can see it is not worth having because you will not have any visitors.

Now looking at what I have said above, those are the basics that will make having a free website worthwhile otherwise it is just a website address that no one visits or buys from.

My opinion is that for a free business website offer to be truly a genuine offer, there has to be some guidance with the basics at least, otherwise the offer for a free website is just arm twisting to put you in a position where you have a website that you cannot do anything with. Not free really but your first step to emptying your pocket for very little value in most cases.

Learning How To Add Information on your website

Everyone visits a shop to have a look around and possibly buy stuff. Getting a free business website means nothing, nothing without information. Now there is a way to put information and a way to put information! Yes, nuggets, nuggets!

Having a free website with a few nuggets on how to add information to the website comes in very handy. You can do things however you want but I have learned that in any organized environment there are ways to do things. Knowing how to put content the right way on your free website is important. The organized search engines have a way to do things. You have to know the rules to succeed. A basic free guideline wouldn’t come amiss!

Learning How to make money through the website

It’s a free business website you want and so it follows you want to know how to make money through that website. A free business website with basics on how this happens will point you in the right direction as a beginner.

The Solution


After years of going round in circles, I finally came across a platform that offered not one but two free websites and free guidance with all the basics to put in place to start creating a business online. Once again, it would be too long to add the full review of that platform here. Instead, I created a full post explaining everything.




If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. I will get back to you.



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